Choosing the Right Size Camping Esky for Your Outdoor Adventures

Choosing the Right Size Camping Esky for Your Outdoor Adventures

The excitement of outdoor camping lies in the breathtaking sites, the exploration of flora and fauna, and connecting with nature. However, while the experience promises liberating sensations, it also necessitates careful planning and preparation. One crucial piece of equipment any adventurer must not take lightly is a camping Esky.

Also known as a cooler, an Esky is normally used to keep food and drinks cold during the trip. This is especially necessary during hotter months and locations where ice and refrigeration are not readily available.

Choosing the right Esky size is critical for comfort and convenience. Making the wrong choice could lead to your food spoiling, running out of food or drink, or being burdened by a heavy and bulky cooler. Therefore, this comprehensive guide to selecting the perfect size camping Esky will equip you with the right knowledge to make an informed decision.

Consider Your Camping Needs

When choosing the right size camping Esky, you should base your decision on the conditions and requirements of your camping trip. Some aspects to consider include the duration of your trip, the number of people in your camping party, the types of food you plan to bring, and the size of your vehicle.

Duration of The Trip

The duration of your camping adventure directly impacts the size of the Esky you need. If you are planning a day-trip or an overnight stay, a smaller, lightweight cooler may suffice. However, for longer trips that last multiple days, a larger Esky will be necessary to accommodate enough food and drink.

Size of Your Camping Party

Another factor to think about is the number of individuals in your camping group. A larger group will require more food and beverages, so naturally, a larger cooler would better serve your needs. If you’re camping solo or with just one other person, then a smaller Esky may be adequate.

Scheduled Meals

Planning your meals is another essential part of determining the ideal Esky size. Do you plan to cook meals or are you planning mostly pre-packaged food that doesn’t require refrigeration? Take note that fresh food, dairy products and meat will require more cooling and thus, space.

Size of Your Vehicle

Consider also the cargo space you are working on. A larger camping Esky might be suitable for all your food, but if it can’t fit in the trunk of your car or the back of your ute, then it won’t be much good.

Understanding Esky Sizes

Eskies come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 16 quart to 250 quart capacities. What these quarts mean can be confusing. To simplify, one quart can hold about 0.946 litres or roughly a six-pack of soda. So, a 50 quart Esky can hold about 47 litres or hold approximately eight two-litre bottles.

It’s important to bear in mind that roughly half of your cooler’s space will be dedicated to ice to ensure your food and drinks stay chilled. So, using the 50 quart Esky as an example, this would leave you about 24 litres of space for your camping provisions.

Other Factors to Consider

While size is important, here are a few other factors to consider when shopping for the ideal camping Esky:

Insulation Performance

Aside from its size, the performance of an Esky’s insulation is paramount. Look for an Esky with excellent insulation capabilities to extend the life of your ice and maintain the freshness of your food and drinks.


Coolers come in different designs and shapes, including chest and upright models. Consider the type of food and drink you’ll be carrying. For example, chest-type Eskies are suitable for cans and small food items, while an upright design is more ideal for storing larger food items like bottles of wine.


Engaging with nature often requires mobility. In consideration of this, an Esky’s portability is something to reckon with. Consider purchasing an Esky with wheels or handles for convenient manoeuvring.


Finally, price is a crucial consideration for any purchase decision. You’ll find an iterative correlation between the size of an Esky and its price. It’s worth investing in a durable, well-insulated Esky that will last for many camping trips to come.


Choosing the right size Esky for your camping adventure is an essential aspect of camping preparedness. The tips in this guide should help you strike a balance between your camping necessities and your budget. Outdoor adventures should be fun, relaxing, and stress-free experiences. Proper planning of your equipment, particularly a suitable camping Esky size, can greatly contribute to the success of your outdoor experience.

Happy camping!

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