Emerging Trends: What Camping Stove Should I Buy in 2022?

Emerging Trends: What Camping Stove Should I Buy in 2022?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or seasoned camper, you probably understand the transformative power of a camping stove. The aroma of a well-cooked meal reducing the surrounding wilderness into a personal haven is an experience second to none. So, as we voyage into 2022, what are the emerging trends in camping stoves? Which models encompass fuel efficiency, durability and practicality? Let’s embark on this exploration and find out.

Cooking Methods and Emerging Trends in Camping Stoves

Before diving into models and brands, understanding the cooking methods and technological developments can be quite informative. There are multiple fuel types but the dominant ones continue to be canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and alternative-fueled stoves.

Perhaps the most significant trend involves the increasing use of renewable sources and alternative fuels for power – for instance, wood-burning stoves or solar stoves. These models strive for a balance between convenience and environment consciousness, making them perfect for sustainable campers.

Top Camping Stoves to Consider in 2022

The merit of a camping stove lies in its functionality, portability, fuel efficiency, and ease of use. Based on these criteria, below are some top contenders to consider in 2022.

1. Biomass Stoves

Leading the pack of eco-friendly options are biomass stoves. Powered by a combination of kindling and small biomass fragments (twigs, pinecones, etc.), biomass stoves are ideal for campers who love to live off the land. They’re compact, the fuel is readily available, and they produce almost no waste.

2. Solar Cookers

Zero-emission cooking is a trend on the rise. Solar cookers use the sun’s energy to cook or heat food or drink. They are perfect for sunny camping locations and day camping when the sun is abundant. With no fuel to carry, these stoves provide the ultimate lightweight solution.

3. Compact Canister Stoves

When it comes to portability, nothing quite matches the compact canister stove. A noteworthy trend is the focus on reducing size and weight for these models. They’re becoming even more streamlined and lightweight, allowing for convenient packing and carrying.

The Verdict: What Camping Stove Should You Buy in 2022?

The top three contenders outlined above reflect the biggest trends you can expect to see in camping stoves in 2022. However, choosing the best camping stove largely depends on your personal needs and preferences.

If sustainability and minimal environmental footprint are your top priorities, then a biomass stove delivers on this front. But, they may not operate as smoothly in wet or snowy conditions, given the need for dry kindling.

Now if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight and energy-efficient option, considering a solar cooker might be appropriate. You just have to ensure you have ample sunlight for cooking or boiling.

For those who prioritize convenience and reliability, a compact canister stove is a great choice. They’re quick to light, cook efficiently and are relatively lightweight. However, they do require canister refills, which can add a bit of carrying weight.


The choice of a camping stove is a personal one, heavily dependent on the nature of your camping. Whether you value fuel efficiency or compactness, there’s a camping stove out there ready to transform your outdoor cooking experience. As we venture into 2022, be open to the innovative and eco-friendly trends sweeping across the camping stove market. You’ll be sure to find a match that will not only satiate your hunger but also enhance your camping experience with a touch of modern outdoor living.

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