Essential Camping Gear for Proper Hygiene and Sanitation

Essential Camping Gear for Proper Hygiene and Sanitation

Essential Camping Gear for Proper Hygiene and Sanitation

Camping is a fascinating adventure that allows you to connect with nature, promote teamwork, and rethink life away from the artificial glitter of city life. However, it can also be a challenging endeavor if you don’t put hygiene and sanitation into consideration. That’s when essential camping gear comes to aid.

This article uncovers the essential camping gear for proper hygiene and sanitation. Embracing these camping essentials will not only enhance your overall camping experience but also ensure your health and that of your companions is taken care of throughout your camping trip.

1. Biodegradable Camp Soaps

Whenever you head out to camp, you have a duty to leave no trace behind – including pollutants that could harm the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to pack bio-degradable camp soaps for your trip. Unlike regular soaps, these are plant-based and eco-friendly, which make them ideal for outdoor use. They can be used for cleaning dishes, laundry, and personal hygiene. Remember to use small amounts to minimize impact on the environment.

2. If You Can’t Use It, Pack It Out

Regulations for camping in many regions dictate that if you can’t burn or naturally dispose of your trash then you must pack it out. It is vital then to carry trash and recycle bags with you when you go camping. For sanitary waste, a discreet, sealable container can be used. Once you reach civilization, you can dispose of the waste appropriately.

3. Portable Camping Shower and Shower Tent

Just because you are faraway from city conveniences doesn’t mean that you cannot keep clean. A portable camping shower can come in handy, ensuring that you stay fresh throughout your camping trip. You can use shower water bags that are heated by the sun, or invest in a more advanced portable camping shower system. Combine this with a portable shower tent, and you have your private little bathroom right in the middle of the wilderness.

4. Hand Sanitizers or Wipes

Hand sanitizers or wipes are portable and don’t require any water. They are perfect for camping trips, especially when you have just left the campfire or barbecue and preparations for meals are underway. Although they aren’t substitutes for proper washing with soap and water, they can kill up to 99% of germs.

5. Portable Sink or Wash Basins

Gone are the days when campers had to use nearby streams to clean up utensils and other camping gears. With a collapsible or portable sink, you can maintain cleanliness just like at home. These sinks can also be used for washing hands, promoting that all-important camping hygiene.

6. Toilet Trowel

The environmental impact of improper waste disposal while camping can be high. When nature calls while you’re in the great outdoors, you cannot simply find a secluded spot and do your business. This is where a toilet trowel comes in. Made to dig small holes, usually 6-8 inches deep, these are perfect for burying human waste responsibly.

7. Portable Camping Toilet

If digging holes isn’t quite your style, or campsite rules prohibit this, invest in a portable camping toilet. These offer a cleaner and more sanitary way to handle nature’s call. The waste can be collected in a removable cassette that can be cleaned at special facilities.

8. Camping Hygiene Kit

Apart from the soaps, sanitizers, and portable showers, you should also carry a camping hygiene kit. It should include smaller essentials like a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and a compact mirror. Don’t forget a fast-drying microfiber towel too. Taking care of your personal hygiene goes a long way in keeping you healthy during your camping trip.

9. Efficient Water Purification System

A reliable water purification system is critical when camping. It helps sanitize water from streams, rivers, or lakes, making it safe for cooking, drinking, and cleaning. They come in different forms like water filter pumps, iodine tablets, or UV light water purifiers.

In Conclusion

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness- and camping is no exception. Ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation can mean the difference between a memorable adventure and a disastrous experience. Your foray into the wild doesn’t mean compromise with living standards. With these essential camping gear items, your hygiene and sanitation will be well taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the beauty of nature worry-free.

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