Exploring the Beauty of Camping Tasmania: A First Timer’s Guide

Exploring the Beauty of Camping Tasmania: A First Timer’s Guide

Tasmania, a gem of a destination in Australia, is renowned for its thriving wilderness, picturesque landscapes, and its extensive national park system – traits that make it a camper’s paradise. The beauty of this location is unparalleled and Camping Tasmania is a thing of dreams for outdoor lovers, providing a thrilling amalgamation of adventure and serenity. This guide aims to help first-timers with the knack to explore and bask in the beauty of Tasmania while camping.

Why Choose Tasmania for Camping?

Tasmania is home to the cleanest air in the world, and it offers a unique camping experience. This land of diversity features everything — from alpine heaths to cool temperate rainforests. Put simply, Tasmania is a haven for campers. It presents serene landscapes and bellbirds’ melodies during the day and a blanket of the star-studded sky by night. Whether you prefer a caravan, a camptervan, a tent or a lodge, Tasmania’s camping grounds are versatile enough to provide for all.

What to Pack?

Camping in Tasmania can be a challenging but thrilling experience. Essential items to pack for your first-time camping include suitable clothing, such as warm clothing for the cold nights and waterproof clothing for unpredictable showers. Remember to bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen for day-time excursions. A durable tent, sleeping bags, a camping stove, cooking utensils, first aid kit, insect repellent, and torchlight are other must-haves for a typical camping expedition in Tasmania.

Your Journey Begins – Arriving at Tasmania

Officially christened as the Island State, Tasmania is located about 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland. You can get to Tasmania via air or sea. The major airlines operate regular flights to Hobart and Launceston from most major cities. If you prefer a sea voyage, the Spirit of Tasmania operates between Melbourne and Devonport.

Top Camping Locations in Tasmania

1. Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s East Coast is one of the stunning camping spots in Tasmania. Famous for its clear blue waters and orange-hued granite (caused by lichen), Bay of Fires is a camping site that displays scenery you’ll remember for a lifetime. Please remember, the weather can get unpredictable at the Bay of Fires, so pack accordingly!

2. Cradle Mountain

A visit to Tasmania would be incomplete without camping at Cradle Mountain. With over 20 camping sites available around the vicinity, it provides campers numerous options. Set up your tent beside Lake Dove or Lake St Clair and wake up to some breathtaking views towards the mountain.

3. Cockle Creek

Cockle Creek at the southernmost accessible point in Tasmania is another camper’s delight. The tranquility and beauty of this place make it a perfect camping spot for those seeking serenity amidst nature.

4. Mount Field National Park

This is Tasmania’s oldest National Park. With its magnificent greenery, waterfalls, and walking tracks, Mount Field National Park is an ideal camping location for first-timers and experienced campers alike. The camping ground provides many facilities, including toilets, shower blocks, and BBQ areas.

Camping Etiquette in Tasmania

Respect for nature and fellow campers is paramount! Always remember to clean up after yourself because waste left behind can harm the wildlife and the local environment. Noise should be kept to a minimum to let everyone enjoy the serenity. Campfires can be deadly; always adhere to fire restrictions and never leave a campfire unattended.

Know The Local Wildlife

Tasmania is home to a variety of wildlife. It’s common to encounter many wallabies, possums, and wombats — don’t forget to bring your camera! Always remember, however, to treat these creatures with respect and keep a safe distance — they are wild animals, after all.


Tasmania offers unmatched camping experiences. Each visit will have something new to offer — a different trail to follow, a unique sunset to watch, or a new bird song to identify. Whatever you’re after in your camping adventure, chances are, Tasmania has it. Be well-prepared, respect the local fauna and flora, follow the local camping etiquette, and you will have a memorable first-time camping experience!

To the first-time campers out there — Happy Camping!

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