Less Travelled Paths: Offbeat Adventures for Camping Moreton Island.

Less Travelled Paths: Offbeat Adventures for Camping on Moreton Island

Plan to escape the hustle-bustle and embark on a rejuvenating journey to a less trodden path? Like many, if you’ve explored most of the popular camping destinations, it is time to manoeuvre your compass towards the lesser-known, vibrant and adventurous locale of Moreton Island. Less crowded than other popular tourist spots, Moreton Island holds an irresistible allure for those willing to go the extra mile for a unique outdoor experience.

Moreton Island – A Hidden Marvel

Laying about 60km north-east of Brisbane, Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island globally, promising an enticing camping adventure. It’s a land where 95% of the area is a designated National Park, brimming with incredible flora and fauna, positioning it as an idyllic escape in the heart of nature.

Riding to Moreton Island

Getting to Moreton Island is part of the adventure. A 75-90 minute ferry ride from Brisbane transports you to this incredible destination. Be sure to come prepared with a 4WD, as Moreton Island’s sandy tracks don’t accommodate standard vehicles.

Exhilarating Camping Spots

Your camping adventure on Moreton Island isn’t limited to pitching the tent along the vast coastline. You have numerous choice camping spots scattered across the island.

North Point Campground

Located on the northern tip of the island, North Point Campground has 23 designated camping sites. Nearby Cape Moreton lets you relish watching whales and provides some soul-soothing panoramic views.

Blue Lagoon Campground

Surrounded by tea trees, the Blue Lagoon Campground, with 24 sites, offers a serene place to set up camp. You can enjoy freshwater swimming in the nearby lake, patrolled by Park Rangers for your safety.

Comboyuro Point Campground

For families and small groups, Comboyuro Point Campground offers eight designated camping sites. Located close to Bulwer Township, the campground grants you easy access to critical facilities.

Ben-Ewa Campground

The Ben-Ewa Campground’s central location is its main attraction, surrounded by open woodlands and located near the western beach, ensuring that beach activities are never too far away.

Adventures Galore

Moreton Island offers not only solitude but also a host of adventurous activities.

Sandboarding and Tobogganing

No visit to Moreton Island is complete without trying sandboarding or tobogganing down the massive sand dunes. The adrenaline rush and the white sandy beaches will undoubtedly leave you wanting for more.

Diving and Snorkelling

Moreton Island prides itself on being a hotspot for diving and snorkelling. Visit the island’s shipwreck site, teeming with a variety of marine life, a gem for diving enthusiasts.


For fishing aficionados, Moreton Island is a dream come true. Try surf fishing on the eastern beach or opt for something closer to your campsite around the island’s west.

Fascinating Wildlife

Moreton Island hosts a diverse range of wildlife. Spot the playful offshore dolphins, go whale-watching during migration seasons, or try bird-watching.

Concluding Thoughts

Moreton Island, with its tranquil aura and off-beat experiences, serves as an exciting and lesser-known camping hub. Here, you can fuse your love for adventure with your desire for peace, making it a remarkable holidaying experience, away from the paths well-trodden – a true gem for the explorers and naturists alike.

So what’s holding you back? Pack your camping gear now and set off for an unforgettable journey to the adventurer’s paradise, Moreton Island.

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