Top Camping Ground Near Me for Social Distanced Vacation

Top Camping Grounds Near Me For Socially Distanced Vacation

In light of the global pandemic’s implications, many are seeking vacation options that ensure safety and social distancing. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just someone looking for a safer vacation, camping can be the best alternative. A camping trip can provide the perfect blend of fun, adventure, and most importantly, social distancing. Let’s take a trip through some of the top camping grounds near you for a socially distanced vacation.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee & North Carolina

This camping ground stands as America’s most visited national park. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers several fantastic camping grounds with extensive social distancing. You can enjoy a peaceful camping trip, secluded from the crowd in your tent, trailer, or RV amidst the serene wildlife and impeccable beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Additionally, you can engage in hikes, fishing, wildlife viewing, and even horseback riding.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, nestled on Maine’s rugged eastern coast, presents an ideal camping location. The park’s diverse terrain offers the perfect escape from urban life and allows for plentiful social distancing. You can end your day with breathtaking sunsets atop Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Atlantic seacoast. The park boasts three campgrounds: Blackwoods, Seawall, and Schoodic Woods facilitating significant privacy and ample space for campers.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is a magical landscape featuring towering mountain ranges, tranquil lakes, and diverse flora and fauna. The park offers superb camping grounds like Moraine Park, Glacier Basin, and Longs Peak that provide ample space for social distancing. A stay here offers thrilling hikes, picturesque stargazing, and chances to encounter the area’s majestic wildlife.

Yosemite National Park, California

Famous worldwide for its waterfalls, cliffs, and unique rock formations, Yosemite National Park offers an experience unlike any other. With over 13 campgrounds, the park provides excellent camping spaces ensuring privacy and social distance. Imagine pitching your tent near a stream or under towering pines; you’re guaranteed a refreshing escape from the mundane.

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

This park occupies a part of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah National Park offers a collection of campgrounds, each with its charm and advantages. The park offers an array of outdoor activities including hiking its beautiful trails, bird watching, or simply basking in nature’s tranquility. With miles and miles of forest area, it’s a great location for those seeking a socially distanced vacation.

Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic National Park captures Washington State’s diverse beauty through its mountainous range, forest areas, and coastal lines. It provides a range of camping options from the beach, the forest, or near beautiful lakes. This park encourages social distancing by limiting the number of campers per site, making it an ideal camping location amidst the pandemic.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park boasts the tallest sand dunes in North America. Campers can explore a surreal desert-like environment, perform sand boarding, and indulge in stargazing experiences. The Pinon Flats campground in the park provides spacious tent and RV sites ensuring campers feel secluded while enjoying their stay.

Consider these camping grounds for your next socially distanced vacation. Remember, company size, season, and reservations can impact your camping experience, so plan ahead for the best experience. And don’t forget to follow the norms of social distancing and precautions to ensure your safety and others around you while enjoying the majesty and serenity of nature.


In an age where travel has become a significant concern, camping stands as a respite. It promises adventure, tranquility, and freedom with a layer of safety that many other vacation options cannot provide. Through camping, you can connect with nature, breathe fresh air, stargaze, hike, and above all, safely maintain distance from crowds. So, pack your camping gear, ready your tent, and set out for an outdoor retreat adventure!

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