A Foodie’s Guide to Eating Well while Camping Moreton Island

A Foodie’s Guide to Eating Well while Camping on Moreton Island

If you’re planning a camping trip to the stunning Moreton Island and are also a passionate foodie, then this guide is perfect for you!

Whether you’re camping at the Blue Lagoon, The Wrecks or Ben-Ewa, preparing delicious and nutritious meals can be a challenge when you’re miles away from your home kitchen. But, fear not! This guide is designed to help you savour the foodie experience while enjoying the rugged beauty that Moreton Island has to offer.

Packing Essential Cooking Tools

Before heading to the ferry, ensure your camping cooking kit includes essential tools. Pack a durable, compact camping stove, along with fuel. Include a lightweight, non-stick pot and pan set, along with essentials such as a can opener, sharp knife, chopping board and eating utensils. Don’t forget a cooler to keep your perishable items fresh.

Grocery Shopping in Brisbane Before You Depart

Before hopping on the Moreton Island ferry at Port of Brisbane, seize the opportunity to do some grocery shopping in the city. Brisbane offers several fantastic markets where you can buy fresh produce, such as Brisbane MarketPlace at Rocklea or Riverside at the City Botanic Gardens.

If you’re a seafood lover, pay a visit to the iconic Morgans Seafood Market in Scarborough. Pick up some fresh Queensland prawns or Moreton Bay Bugs to make a delicious seafood feast back at camp.

Finding Local Eateries on Moreton Island

Moreton Island isn’t just a wilderness paradise; it also offers a few fantastic eateries that you should absolutely check out. Here are some recommendations:

Gutter Bar

Located at Kooringal, the Gutter Bar is an iconic Moreton Island eatery. Known for its local seafood, the highlight here is undoubtedly their Moreton Bay Bug and prawn menu. Plus, nothing beats the scenic view of the pristine waters while you dine!

Castaways Restaurant and Bar

Situated in Bulwer, the charming Castaways offers a delightful range of dishes. From fresh seafood to exquisite desserts, much of their menu is sourced from local produce. Their breakfast options are fantastic – give their smashed avocado or locally sourced bacon and eggs a try.

Micat Café

Beyond being the only Brisbane to Moreton Island ferry service and vehicle barge, Micat also houses a delightful café that serves up a range of hearty bites and refreshing beverages. Whether you’re seeking a strong coffee to kick off your morning or a delicious burger to savour during your ride back, Micat Café has you covered.

Whipping up Your Own Campfire Meals

Besides exploring the island’s dining spots, creating your own delicious meals is a significant part of the camping experience. Here are a few simple yet delectable recipes for you to try:

Quick Tuna Pasta

A super easy and quick recipe, making use of canned goods and dried pasta. Drizzle some olive oil in a pan, add chopped garlic, red chilli flakes, canned tuna and cook for a few minutes. Then, add cooked spaghetti to the pan, give it a good toss, top it off with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon for added zing.

Campfire Paella

A classic, made easy for camping. Firstly, cook sliced chicken, prawn, red bell pepper, peas in a pot with some olive oil, and add paella rice. Then add chicken stock and let it simmer until the rice is fully cooked. Add some saffron (if you bring along) and give it a good stir. Enjoy a steaming dish of campfire paella in the great outdoors.

Keeping Food Cool and Fresh

Moreton Island’s year-round warm weather means it’s important to keep perishable food items cold. Invest in a high-quality fridge or cooler, capable of keeping items frozen for days. Swap out ice packs regularly and keep the cooler in a shaded part of your camping spot.

Leave No Trace

Finally, while food and camping go together like gear and adventure, always remember to implement best practices that leave no trace on Moreton Island’s natural environment. Ensure you clean up your cooking area, dispose of waste responsibly, and avoid feeding any of the native fauna.

With adequate preparation and a willingness to experiment, you can eat well while soaking in the sun, sand and surf of Moreton Island. So, why wait? Pack up your culinary gear, and set out on your adventure now!

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