Conquer the Wilderness: A Survival Guide for Go Camping UK

Conquer the Wilderness: A Survival Guide for Go Camping UK

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the allure of the open wilderness holds a special place in our hearts. A place free from traffic, deadlines and concrete jungle! Camping allows us the chance to reconnect with the tranquillity and raw beauty nature has to offer. However, without adequate preparation and knowledge, such an adventure can quickly turn daunting. With this essential guide, you can lay your anxieties aside and fully embrace all the UK has to offer for camping enthusiasts. From camping 101 to survival tactics, this is your comprehensive guide to conquering the wilderness.

Camping 101

Gearing up right is the first step towards a successful camping trip. Going lightweight can be the key to ease up your trek, but without the necessary items, you could find yourself in a bit of a tight spot. Key things you should have in your backpack are a tent, sleeping bag, camping cookware, a torch, a map, a compass and a camping stove. Gear essentials also include appropriate clothing, toiletries, a first-aid kit and be sure to pack some extra food!

Shelter – the Art of Setting up Camp

Choosing a campsite in the UK requires mindfulness towards both practicality and rules. National Parks, for instance, prohibits free camping unless otherwise specified. So, ensure your campsite is legal. Once you’ve chosen your campsite, make sure it is safe. Check for insect nests, unstable trees, or slopes that could flood in inclement weather. The next important step is learning how to pitch your tent. Providing a roof over your head is vital for a successful camping trip, so getting to grips with your tent at home before your adventure is recommended! A well-pitched tent will keep you snug, dry and away from bugs.

Fire Management

Fire provides heat for cooking, illumination, warmth and a morale boost. However, campfires are not always permitted in all camping areas due to risk of wildfires. A safe and legal alternative is using camping stoves or fire bowls that come with a handy cover preventing sparks from escaping. If campfires are allowed, remember the importance of extinguishing it completely before leaving your campsite or retiring for the night. Never leave a campfire unattended.

Safety and Survival in the Wilderness

While camping in the great UK wilderness, safety and survival skills become paramount. The UK outdoors can be as much wonderful as challenging, especially with erratic weather conditions. Gear up with a high-quality waterproof jacket and good hiking boots. Always carry a map and compass for navigation, and a mobile phone for emergencies.

The key to survival is staying calm and using your wits rather than brute force. Learn basic outdoor first-aid skills. Familiarize yourself with simple survival skills, like making a shelter from natural resources, purifying water, and knowing a few basic knots. Always respect the wildlife you encounter and maintain a safe distance.

Food and Water

Ensure you have enough provision for the duration of your camping trip. Non-perishable, lightweight food such as nuts, dry fruits, canned foods, seeds, and jerky can serve you well. You could also fish or trap small game, but only if it’s legal and you’re experienced.

Water is probably the most important part of survival. Always carry enough water for drinking, cooking, and washing. If you’re camping near a stream, you can refill your water bottle and purify it using water purification tablets or LifeStraw, which can eliminate most of the micro-organism and virus threats. Boiling water is also an effective way to purify it.

Leave No Trace

The ‘leave no trace’ principle is of utmost importance to any camper. Whatever you carry to the wilderness, make sure to carry it back. Dispose of your waste properly, either in designated areas or take it back with you. Leave the place as it was, unspoiled for others and future generations to enjoy.


Camping in the UK wilderness is a remarkable experience. The opportunity to pitch tents under the starlit sky by a tranquil lake or on a silent hilltop can create lifetime memories. With this guide at your disposal, you are now equipped to handle most situations that you might encounter in the wild. So, get ready to pack your gear, set your compass, and lace up those hiking boots. The untamed beauty of the UK wilderness awaits you!

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