Experience Comfort Outdoors: A Guide to Kmart’s Camping Mattress Selection

Experience Comfort Outdoors: A Guide to Kmart’s Camping Mattress Selection

Rugged adventure doesn’t necessarily have to translate to lack of comfort when camping out in the wilderness. With Kmart’s impressive selection of camping mattresses, the line between relaxation and adventure blurs. Here, we delve into Kmart’s camping mattress variety and how each can contribute to your serene outdoor experience.

Why Choose a Camping Mattress From Kmart?

Kmart, a renowned retailer in America, is a go-to platform for shopping camping essentials. Known for its incredible range of products, affordability, and quality, Kmart ensures that campers don’t have to compromise on lifting their camping experience to a comfortable level with a proper sleep surface.

Their huge array of camping mattresses range from air mattresses to self-inflating mats and foam pads, catering to different preferences, camping needs, and budget considerations. What’s more, with Kmart’s online shopping option, you can conveniently select, compare, and purchase your favorite camping mattress from the comfort of your home.

An Abundance of Variety

Every camper has unique requirements. Whether you’re an occasional weekend camper or an avid adventure-seeker who spends countless nights under the stars, Kmart’s camping mattress selection has you covered.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses top the list for comfort. These inflated beds can resemble the feeling of a regular mattress while being lightweight and easily portable. Kmart’s air mattress selection includes single as well as double capacity options. You can easily adjust the air level in these mattresses to your preferred firmness, making them a favorite among comfort-seeking campers.

Self-Inflating Mats

Self-inflating mats offer a blend of convenience and comfort. Kmart’s self-inflating selection is perfect for backpackers and hikers, with mats that inflate themselves once unrolled, saving you the hassle of air pumps. While they might not offer the same level of cushioning as an air mattress, they provide enough padding and insulation from the cold ground underneath.

Foam Pads

For campers seeking the most lightweight and durable option, foam pads are an excellent choice. They aren’t as thick or comfortable as air mattresses or self-inflating mats, but they are resilient and offer basic comfort for a decent night’s sleep. Furthermore, foam pads provide good insulation and are a smart economical choice that Kmart offers.

Other Considerations

The purpose of a camping mattress extends beyond just comfort. Understanding these considerations will help inform your choice from the Kmart’s camping mattress selection:


When camping in colder climates, it’s crucial to consider your camping mattress’s insulative properties. Thankfully, Kmart’s range of air mattresses and foam pads offers excellent insulation, providing protection against the cold seeping from the ground.


Consider the ease of packing and carrying the camping mattress for an enjoyable camping experience. Kmart’s selection is full of mattresses that are lightweight and can be packed down to a compact size, making them suitable even for backpackers.


Your camping mattress should be durable enough to withstand rough terrains and weather. Kmart’s foam pads are known for their resilience and durability, ensuring a worthy investment for your camping needs.


Camping mattresses range in price according to their features, comfort level, and material. Carefully consider your budget, and remember that while a more costly option might offer the ultimate comfort, a less expensive option might be sufficient enough if you’re only an occasional camper.

A Quick Guide to Kmart’s Best Camping Mattresses

Having explored the variety and key considerations when selecting a camping mattress, let’s touch on the top camping mattress options offered by Kmart:

Best for Comfort: Northwest Territory Queen Size Air Bed

This air mattress, with its extra-thick material and plush, flocked top, guarantees a comfortable sleep experience. It also includes an internal pump for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

Best for Backpacking: Bestway Alwayzaire Air Bed Twin

This self-inflating mattress rolls up into an incredibly compact size for easy packing. It’s lightweight, yet offers sufficient comfort for a restful night in your tent. The twin size also ensures it can fit into smaller tents with ease.

Best for Durability: Coleman Rest Easy Camp Pad

Made from durable polyethylene, this foam pad can withstand rough terrains without wear and tear. Though not as thick as an air mattress, it offers sufficient cushioning.

Best on a Budget: Intex Twin Classic Downy Airbed Mattress

This affordable air mattress option doesn’t compromise on comfort. Though you have to inflate it manually, it’s a steal for the price and comfort it offers.

While camping is all about going back to the basics and connecting with nature, that doesn’t mean we have to forsake comfort completely. Kmart’s wide selection of camping mattresses can ensure your nights in the great outdoors are cozy and rejuvenating. So next time you’re prepping for an adventure, don’t forget to consider adding one of these fantastic options to your camping kit.

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