Kmart’s Top-Rated Camping Mattresses: A 2022 Round-Up.

Kmart’s Top-Rated Camping Mattresses: A 2022 Round-Up

When gearing up for a camping trip, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort with Kmart’s range of top-rated camping mattresses. The right camping mattress can make the difference between a restless night under the stars and a rejuvenating sleep that leaves you ready to explore nature at its finest. In this round-up, we delve deep into the best camping mattresses Kmart has to offer in 2022.

1. Bestway Air Bed – Queen Size

The Queen Size Bestway Air Bed has emerged as a favorite amongst camping enthusiasts. Known for its perfect balance between comfort and practicality, it offers a comfortable sleeping space that can be easily inflated and deflated. The construction utilizes a coil-beam structure to provide a flat sleeping surface that eliminates the usual discomfort associated with inflatable beds. Above all, the ease of portability makes this air bed a preferred choice amongst campers.

2. Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed

Intex’s Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Airbed provides a compact, lightweight, and durable option for solo campers. Its standout feature is its Fiber-Tech interior construction, which ensures excellent stability and support. The flocked top surface enhances comfort while the rugged edges facilitate firmness and support. A convenient hand carry bag accompanies the mattress to ease transportation. This airbed serves as a wonderful meet of practicality and comfort.

3. Wanderer Fortech Air Bed Queen

For those seeking a durable, high-comfort outdoor sleeping solution, Wanderer Fortech Air Bed Queen delivers brilliantly. With its robust Fortech material- a blend of dense polyester fabric and durable PVC, this bed promises strength and longevity. The soft flocked sleeping surface, combined with a solid coil beam construction, awards a well-supported comfortable sleeping experience. An in-built 220-240V pump for quick inflation and deflation is another highlight of this mattress.

4. Bestway Dreamair Inflatable Air Bed Queen

The Bestway Dreamair Inflatable Air Bed Queen is known for its remarkable comfort features like an adjustable built-in pillow and a luxuriously soft flocked surface. The supporting I-beam construction accommodates a mass of up to 295kg effectively. The uniquely designed rib contours aim to eliminate roll-off, providing a peaceful sleep. Made with sturdy vinyl, this bed is designed to withstand the pressures of camping outdoors, making it a solid and comfortable option.

5. Active Air Comfort Inflatable Mattress Double

The Active Air Comfort Inflatable Mattress Double distinguishes itself with its superior comfort and high-grade construction. Reinforced with a sturdy coil beam structure, it provides an unmatchable sleeping surface that’s firm yet comfortable. Its highlight is the velvety soft top that provides an extra layer of comfort to your night under the stars. Alongside comfort, it aces in the practicality domain as it comes with an electric air pump for quick inflation and deflation.

6. Wanderer Velocity Air Bed King Single

The Wanderer Velocity Air Bed King Single is a camper’s dream come true, especially for those travelling solo. Its high-quality PVC construction and a soft flocked surface make for a cozy and sturdy outdoor bedding choice. The coil beam structure ensures even weight distribution. With the in-built 240V pump, set-up and pack-down become a breeze. Its vertical beam construction ensures you don’t roll-off during your sleep, making this air bed a meticulous blend of comfort and practicality.

7. Wanderer Extreme Touring Mat

For the true camping enthusiasts who prioritize portability and toughness, the Wanderer Extreme Touring Mat is an excellent choice. This self-inflating 4WD mat is heavily insulated, making it perfect for colder environments. With a polycotton outer shell and an anti-slip base, the robust mattress is not only long-lasting but also extremely supportive. An added pillow and the ability to join two mats together offer great versatility.

Concluding, 2022 offers an exciting variety of camping mattresses at Kmart, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep outdoor. These mattresses underline the perfect harmony of comfort, durability, and convenience, making them your faithful companion in your rendezvous with nature. Choosing any mattress from this top-rated round-up guarantees a good night’s sleep under the stars.

Breathe in the fresh outdoor air, listen to the chirping of the birds, and lay your weary head on one of these exceptional outdoor mattresses, making the most out of your camping escapades. After all, there’s nothing like a good sleep to recharge and prepare you to explore the meticulously beautiful symphony of the great outdoors.

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