Best Family Camping Tents of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

It is one thing to spend time with the family indoors, but bonding with them outside the comforts of your home is a special kind of experience.

Some of our favorite childhood moments were of camping—family and friends roasting marshmallows by the fire, playing in the creek, and playing yard games.

In the spirit of carrying out this tradition, we have compiled a list of the best family camping tents you would find on the market this year.

Whether you are camping in your sprawling backyard or deep in the woods, these tents are capable of meeting all your (and your family’s) outdoor needs.

Best Family Camping Tents Reviews

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

More than having a spacious interior that comfortably fits six people, the Coleman WeatherMaster is also special in many other ways.

With its hinged door, storage pockets, e-port, and screen room, there’s no way it wasn’t going to be on our list of the best family tents.

Plus, and get this, it also comes in a version that fits 10 people, which is perfect if you’re camping with the whole gang.

Product Highlights

As soon as you successfully set this tent up, the first thing you’ll notice is its unique structuring. 

It looks slightly different from the usual tents we bring outdoors. This is most apparent in its hinged entryway and screen room section.

Typically absent in traditional tents, these features are welcome practical additions for this temporary home in the woods.

Once you get inside, the spacious interior will simply make you feel at home.

With this tent, you can cross out bad weather as something you have to worry about. Its Weathertec features will ensure that you and whoever you’re with will stay dry during your trip.

Its seams are sewn together extra tightly for that added rain protection, too.

You also get a perfectly solid frame that can withstand strong winds, weather-resistant zipper cuffs that block moisture from entering, and waterproof floors to provide a warm and dry tent experience.

The Good

While this tent has no shortage of good things to offer, what will probably stand out to many campers as its best feature is the screen room.

Its Weathertec features are a marvel, but sometimes, as campers, getting soaked in a little rain is part of the experience.

What we don’t want to experience in our trip, though, is getting bitten by nasty insects and other creepy crawlies as we sit by the campfire.

With the screen room, mosquitoes and other bugs will cease to be featured in your worst camping trip memories.

The Bad

Of the areas we expected the WeatherMaster to fall short, it certainly wasn’t in addressing certain weather problems.

Apparently, the tent can only withstand so much heavy rain.

Things might be fine for the first couple of hours of rain, but beyond that, the tent may start to leak from the roof where the rain fly begins to sag.


  • Screen room for bug-free lounging
  • Weathertec system for weather protection
  • Spacious interior


  • Starts getting leaks after four hours of heavy rain

2. NTK Arizona GT Foot Sport Camping Tent

Are you looking for a large, spacious tent that can fit up to 10 people comfortably?

The NTK Arizona GT tent offers you the perfect home outdoors, complete with privacy from your fellow campers.

With this, mom and dad can sleep in if the young ones decide to get an early start to the day.

Product Highlights

It isn’t very often that you get a tent that feels like home. More often than not, you’ll get something that’s relatively comfortable to sleep in, and that’s it.

In this day and age, though, settling for anything less than the best outdoor experience isn’t an option. This is where the NTK Arizona GT comes in.

With its sprawling interior that’s typically enough to tempt you into having an extended stay in the wilderness, we won’t blame you for going off the grid more often.

Dealing with such a large tent and all, it isn’t a surprise that the manufacturers of the NTK Arizona GT ensured that their product would involve a smooth assembly process.

The key is using the three poles for setting up the inner tent and extending the awning on the entryway and back section.

Now that you have your home for the weekend set up, you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about rain and bugs.

With this tent, you get a waterproof shelter that’s just as effective at handling the elements as it is at keeping insects at bay.

The Good

The most impressive part about owning this type of tent is the comfort and convenience it offers.

It is super spacious and affords privacy for the occupants of each room. At the same time, it also offers them protection from rainy weather and mosquitoes.

If camping is something you and your loved ones do regularly, this tent is perfect for you.

The Bad

One downside to this is that its window flaps can’t be opened from the outside, so you’ll have no choice but to step out if you want to open them.

That doesn’t sound too bad, but imagine if you had to do it at night when it’s pouring relentlessly.


  • High-quality, waterproof floor
  • Easy assembly
  • Micro-mosquito mesh for bug protection
  • Super spacious interior


  • Window flaps don’t open from the inside

3. Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

If you’re looking for space and privacy outdoors, this tent has got you covered in both aspects.

Camping may be about the “outdoor” experience, but even the most experienced from the lot need a comfortable place to retreat to when night dawns and the mosquitoes come out in full force.

This outstanding instant tent would be exactly that and more for you and your family.

Product Highlights 

Those who are new to spending time in the wilderness will probably dread setting up their tent.

You get the hang of it eventually, but that still doesn’t take away the stress of messing things up a few times before finally getting it right.

Well, with the Ozark 9-Person Instant Cabin, that doesn’t have to be a problem.

Thanks to this tent, you can immediately start things off on a good note, setting up camp in two minutes or less.

It also includes a tuck-away divider to create a two-room tent that offers privacy to anyone who needs it.

The Good

The words “instant” and “no set up required” are music to the ears of any newbie camper.

This tent can mean the difference between a camping trip taking place and being canceled because the expert at setting up tents had to back out.

The Bad 

Even with its easy setup and no assembly, setting this tent up is still a two-person job.

Of course, if you don’t find that too big of a deal, the lack of a floor in the screen room might irk you a bit.


  • Two-minute setup
  • No assembly process needed
  • Spacious interior
  • Comes with tuck-away dividers for privacy


  • Setting up requires two people
  • Screen room has no floor

4. Core 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Of all the tents on our list so far, this has got to be the most complete.

It has excellent water-resistant technology, requires little to no assembly time, and has a large awning and entryway.

It also boasts a wall organizer, internal storage, adjustable vent system, and electrical cord access.

Although its interior isn’t sprawling, it’s still relatively spacious and able to fit a total of six adults in sleeping bags.

Product Highlights

This tent takes “home in the wilderness” to a whole new level with its complete package of features.

It brings a modern twist to your outdoor experiences, thanks to a bevy of state-of-the-art additions you won’t see in any traditional camping tent.

The Core Instant Cabin tent delivers in every possible way you would expect a luxurious tent should.

Its taped seams and water-resistant fabric offer weather protection, and its mesh ceiling and adjustable vents prevent overheating during the summer months.

Standing tall enough to accommodate the height of a fully grown man, with plenty of floor space, it gives your kids more than enough room to spread out.

The Good

Everything good about this tent is thanks to its combination of features.

It can bring you luxury, protection, comfort, and convenience, whether on a two-person trip or with a group of friends enjoying time off the grid.

The Bad

This airy and comfortable tent would have been so much better had it not been designed with a thin floor.

This slight disadvantage becomes more pronounced given how great the rest of the tent’s features are.


  • Water-repellent fabric and taped seams for weather protection
  • Adjustable vent system for great indoor comfort
  • Time-saving setup
  • Spacious interior


  • Too-thin floor

5. DANCHEL 13ft Lightweight Tipi Family Tent

This wide, spacious tent resembling a tepee is everything you need to stay warm and comfortable on a family camping trip.

If you’re going off the grid with a bunch of backpacking friends, then this is something you can all fit into without worry of discomfort.

You can choose from either a green or orange shade, depending on your aesthetic preference.

Product Highlights

As a backpacker, you’re probably used to sleeping anywhere. Still, it’s never comfortable when you’re cramped in a tiny space with your fellow adventurers.

This doesn’t have to be an issue with the Danchel lightweight teepee tent.

This tent spans 13 feet in diameter and is two feet taller than the average full-grown man at eight feet high.

Aside from its large and spacious structure, it’s also super light, durable, and well-ventilated. This makes everything from setting it up and sleeping in it effortless.

It’s also made of silver-coated fabric to keep you fresh during hot days.

The Good 

This tent has breathable walls, which are its best feature.

It is so well ventilated that even when at full capacity, all its occupants will still feel cool and comfortable inside. 

The Bad

It’s important to be extra careful when setting this tent up since some of its connectors are flimsy.

The connector for the pole that is part of the arched entryway is particularly breakable, so you don’t want to put too much pressure on it.


  • Super spacious interior
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Exceptionally ventilated


  • Flimsy connectors that can break during the set-up process

Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a tent for a solo camping trip is different from choosing a tent for a group of people. Aside from your needs, you have the needs of your fellow campers to consider, as well.

To know if you’re buying the right model, it’s essential to check out these critical factors in a family tent.

1. Peak Height

Peak height is one of two important tent specifications you must look into to know if you’ll have enough space. It is the amount of height between the floor of the tent and its highest point.

You’ll want to pay attention to this figure, along with the height of your tallest camper, to determine the livability of your tent.

This tells you if everyone in the group would be able to sit, stand, or crouch comfortably inside the tent.

2. Tent Floor Length

Next, we have the length of the tent floor, which also denotes how livable the structure is.

If you or a member of your team is on the taller side, you’ll want to make sure there’s an extra two feet of tent space lengthwise.

This will ensure that his feet and head will not make contact with the tent’s ends and end up getting wet from condensation.

3. Tent Door

Some campers can be very particular about their tent’s entryway. Some prefer zipper tent doors, while others are more comfortable with hinged designs.

Personally, if you’re camping with a group of people who are constantly going in and out of the tent, you’ll want to opt for the hinged door, as it is unlikely to get busted from constant use.

Mesh doors are also essential for camping in the wilderness. Not only are they lightweight, but they also keep the creepy crawlies out.

4. Tent Pole

Tent poles are made up of different materials and, therefore, vary in weight and thickness.

Most tent poles are made of aluminum, while others are composed of fiberglass to reduce cost.

Then, there are carbon fiber poles, which are lightweight, of superior quality, and can be purchased at a premium price.

5. Rainfly

Moving on to the outer part of the tent, we have the rainfly.

The best family tents usually feature a full-coverage rainfly made of exceptional waterproof fabric to keep the rain at bay.

In addition to this, these tents also have rainflies that are windproof.

6. Tent Material

Selecting a particular tent means keeping in mind the areas you plan to camp in. Some are made of materials that are suited for certain conditions better than others.

At its most basic, tent material or fabric should be waterproof and well ventilated to provide safety and comfort within the temporary outdoor home. 

7. Ventilation

Tent ventilation determines how comfortable your sleep will be.

Considering that family tents will usually involve more than two people inside the structure, you want to make sure the tent you pick features well-ventilated fabric.

A bit of research should be enough to tell you the degree of ventilation a tent can offer.

8. Interior Loops and Pockets

Internal storage usually won’t matter too much to a minimalist camper because he or she won’t have much use for them.

However, if you’re the type of outdoor person who packs their entire closet during a trip, then interior loops and pockets are going to matter to you.

As established, family tents come in different shapes and sizes. They also come with different features depending on your needs.

You can find tents with just a few storage pockets for necessities, and tents that have a good number of pockets for storing a bunch of personal items and keeping things organized.

9. Accessories

Does your tent come with all the things you need for a trip? Sometimes, it might, but other times it might not. It’s best to check ahead of time.

Camping usually warrants some planning and purchasing stuff essential to your trip.

When looking up tents you want to buy, check if they come with a carrying bag, extra poles, or connectors, so you don’t have to make unnecessary purchases.


1. Are expensive tents worth it?

In most cases, there’s no need to shell out a lot of money on a tent.

As long as you pick one in the mid-price range that’s of decent quality, it will usually be enough to meet your usual camping needs.

Of course, the exception to this would be if you go off the grid frequently or pack very heavily during camping.

2. Are Coleman tents good quality?

Undeniably, Coleman is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to camping tents. The brand is known for its quality and durable products set at reasonable prices.

If you aren’t an experienced camper who has come to rely on a particular brand, then the most logical choice for you would be Coleman.

With this company, you have more than 60 types of tents to select from.

3. When’s the best time to buy a tent?

Generally, it’s not advisable to purchase tents when camping season is starting because that would mean high prices.

Instead, you’d want to buy a tent just as the season is ending for the vast majority of campers.

Typically, this would be in the fall to early winter when shops are looking to get rid of the previous season’s inventory.

This is so they would be able to prepare better for the tax season and make way for the influx of products for the coming winter.

4. Should you put a tarp over your tent? 

No matter how durable your tent is, it would be ideal to place a cover both under and over it. This helps keep your tent warm and dry and improves its durability.

Unlike setting up the tarp over the tent, you have to be careful not to extend it too far when placing it under the tent.

This is because it can cause dew to run down the walls and collect below your tent. Also, if you’re camping at the beach, you want to set the tarp inside your tent instead of under it.


There’s very little to choose between our compilation of best family camping tents.

They all perform superbly in terms of ventilation, portability, weather and bug protection, and ease of assembly.

Although none of them is necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution, each does stand out for its specific purpose.

With our five amazing tents being special in their own way, the winner came down to which has the most inconsequential weakness.

This tent is none other than the Core 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent, which only has a too-thin floor that won’t be a bother when you have a quality tarp set under it.

The stellar features of this tent greatly outweigh its single weakness.

It has everything you could ever need in a family tent—breathability, spacious interior, easy assembly, extra accessories, and weather and bug protection.

Having this tent is pretty much like bringing your home along in your adventures.

Also, special mention to Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent, which put up such a great fight against our winner.

This would have been our choice if families normally consisted of nine members. It is simply too large to be practical for the average family of campers.

Plus, the floorless screen room might be an issue to quite a few campers out there.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to do additional research in case we haven’t covered the tents that you’re looking for.

You might also find that the other options on our list are more to your liking, so go ahead and check them out further.