karijini national park camping

Karijini National Park Camping

Karijini National Park is the second-largest national park in Western Australia. It is located in Hamersley Range in the northern part of the Tropic of Capricorn.

The region features a tropical semi-desert climate that varies from summer rainfall, associated with cyclones and thunderstorms and temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

The ideal times for a Karijini National Park camping is during early spring, late autumn, and winter.

During the winter season, you will experience warm and bright days, while the nights can be cold and frosty.

The perfect way to enjoy and get to know Karijini is to spend a couple of camping nights in the park.

Karijini National Park Camping Areas

The peak season for camping is from June to September, during which a camper can only stay at a campsite for two nights at the most.

There are only two areas in the national park where camping is allowed, and campers can stay overnight. These are the Dales Gorge Public Campground and the Karijini Eco Park.

Dales is a massive campground where the nearby picnic area abounds with gas barbecues and picnic tables. This is also the best starting point for visitors to scout the place.

The only other area where campers are allowed to spend the night in is the privately-owned Karijini Eco Park.

This park operates through the combined efforts of the government and the traditional owners.

Dales Gorge Public Campground

This public camping ground is under the management of the Department of Environment and Conservation.

There are two camping areas in Dales Gorge. The first one is where campers can use a generator if they want to. The traditional campers choose the generator-free area.

You will see a volunteer caretaker during the peak season, helping out in the coordination and management of the campground.

Both campsite areas offer necessary facilities, including bush toilets for all the campers. However, you will not find running water or showers anywhere.

Also, there are corresponding camping fees collected by either the campground ranger or the caretaker.

Karijini Eco Park

Located at the western end of the national park is the Karijini Eco Park. This is where you will find luxury camping tents and other accommodations.

These luxury safari tents are high-end and expensive, where prices typically start at $300 for one night.

The tents have king-sized beds, linens, and en suite bathrooms.

There is also a limited supply of low wattage electricity provided by solar power. This is why air conditioning is not available.

For those who are on a budget, affordable dorm-style tents are available, which can house up to eight persons in bunk beds.

Unpowered campsites are also available at the Savannah campground, which charges $20 per night for one person.

The rate at the Savannah campground is a bit higher compared to Dales Gorge because campers have shared bathroom facilities where they can take a shower.

Campers can also use the generator from four in the afternoon to eight in the evening.

You will find a basic kiosk, bar, and a restaurant, too. However, some campers opt to prepare their food because of some negative reviews and expensive menu.

karijini national park camping

Karijini Visitor Center

You can enter the Karijini National Park in two ways—from the eastern side or via the western entrance on the other side.

The eastern entrance will lead you to Dales Gorge.

The Banjima Drive on the western side will direct you to Karijini Eco Retreat and other locations, like the Weano day-use area and Hancock Gorge.

You will find the Karijini Visitors Center on the eastern side of the park near the intersection leading to Dales Gorge.

A public telephone system is available in the Karijini Visitor Center as well as excellent informational displays on the geology, fauna, and flora of the national park.

Karijini is a remote area, hence the need for campers to bring all the things that they need during their stay in the park.

Mobile Phones and Internet Service

You will not be able to use your mobile phone while in this area, as there is no cellular coverage.

As mentioned earlier, a public telephone system is available in the Visitor’s Center and another one in Karijini Eco Retreat.

There is available internet and Wi-Fi access at the Karijini Eco Retreat, amounting to five dollars for 30 minutes.

Various Camping and Accommodations in Karijini Eco Park

Here are the different camping and accommodation options for you to choose from when in the Karijini Eco Park.

Unpowered Campsites

There are 64 available unpowered campsites for those who choose to bring tents, caravans, or campervans.

They only allow one vehicle to stay in one site, including a tent, a caravan, or a trailer with a maximum of six persons.

Guests can use a generator for a limited time, starting at four in the afternoon until eight in the evening.

They can share bathroom amenities with other campers, too, like solar hot water showers and flushing toilets.

Guests can eat in the restaurant or use the undercover bush kitchen, which includes a sink, gas BBQ, preparation, and seating areas.

Campers are advised to book online and to bring their own cutlery, cooking utensils, and crockery.

Dorm Eco Cabins

This essential and comfortable accommodation is the newest one offered in the Karijini Eco Park.

Cabins are set up in pairs with four bunk beds per cabin inclusive of individual lockers, a fan, and reading lights.

The two cabins are connected with an open seating area outdoors with decks and chairs.

Unpowered Dorm-Style Eco Tent

Guests in dorm-style eco tents share bathroom amenities like basins, flushing toilets, and solar-powered hot showers.

They can house a maximum of eight guests inside a spacious interior with bunk beds and quality beddings. The front and rear decks are perfect for lounging.

Deluxe Eco Tent With Ensuite

Enjoy a comfortable glamping experience in this deluxe eco tent with ensuite, which comes in various set-ups like a king, twin, triple, and quad.

These eco tents have their ensuite private bathrooms in stylish and spacious interiors that include the specific bed depending on the room variations with excellent quality beddings and linens.


If you want to experience a Karijini National Park camping, make sure to check their booking engine online and make your reservations in advance.

While waiting for your camping date, you can first try reading our ultimate guide to free camping in Australia.

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