The Ultimate CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle Review for Aussie Hikers and Campers

This is crazy: Camelbak is one of the leading brands of the hydration market. As a matter of fact, the hydration industry is already worth more than $175 million.

Do you live in Australia and love to hike or camp? Read this complete review of the CamelBak Chute water bottle line to choose the right bottle for you!

The Original CamelBak Chute 

Want to learn more about CamelBak Chute water bottles? We got your back. For starters, the CamelBak Chute is one of the newest so-called “outdoor” water bottles on the market.

Perhaps you’re someone who prefers a fancier, high-tech water bottle that flashes a bright light when it’s hydration time. However, these aren’t the most ideal choice when it comes to tough weather conditions. Meanwhile, the Camelbak Chute was made to come with you on even the most rugged offroading adventures.

It gets better: the CamelBak Chute was built to fit into any CamelBak packs that you may already have as well. Amazingly enough, there are three incredible versions of this rough and tumble water bottle, which include the: 

So, what’s the difference between them? We’re glad that you asked. First of all, the Original CamelBak Chute comes in a ton of fun colours and sizes. 

Plus, you can even purchase one with CamelBak’s unique “Hydrate or Die” print too. As if that’s not enough, you’ll have a couple of different sizes to choose from, including the 25 ounce, 32 ounce, and 50 ounce water bottles. But here’s the kicker.

One of the most special features of the original Chute bottle is that it features the signature Camelbak Chute cap. That means that you’ll never have to worry about losing the lid to your “water bottle with spout” collection again, especially since the cap is attached to the Chute 24/7.

Also, the plastic cap is removable. Besides this, the CamelBak Chute comes with a convenient place in the bottle’s handle that can fit the cap too. The best part is that the lid won’t swing back to hit you in the face while you’re hydrating yourself either! 

The CamelBak Chute MAG

What’s the real deal about the CamelBak Chute MAG? In case you didn’t know, the CamelBak Chute Mag water bottle comes in a whopping five different sizes, spanning from 12 ounces to 50 ounces. Of course, there are a bunch of interesting colours to choose from as well. 

But here’s the catch: if you’re looking to buy a CamelBak Chute MAG with the signature “Hydrate or Die” saying on it, then you’re going to want to purchase the 50 ounce bottle. So, what does “MAG” even mean, anyway?

To put it simply, “MAG” is short for “Magnet,” which means that this CamelBak bottle has two magnets built into its cap and its nook. That’s because this lets the cap stick to the nook when the water bottle is opened, making sure that it won’t slap you in the face when you’re taking a drink.

Obviously, this magnetised cap and nook system is extremely efficient, which makes the CamelBak MAG the ultimate water bottle for everything from:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Rockclimbing 

How do we know this? The answer is simple – since the CamelBak MAG’s cap will be safe no matter what, there’s literally zero possibility of losing it or dropping it on the ground. For those who are ready to upgrade from their older CamelBak Chute bottles, all you really have to do is buy a newer cap.

Yes, you read that right. Luckily enough, CamelBak actually sells the MAG cap as a separate purchase, which is going to cost a lot less than buying a whole new water bottle. 

Thought that it couldn’t get any better than this. Surprisingly, you’d be wrong, particularly if you’re a fan of the Chute MAG vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle!

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The Chute MAG Stainless Steel Bottle

Ready to take your CamelBak water bottle obsession to a new level? Meet the Camelbak stainless steel MAG bottle. Not only is the CamelBak Chute insulated, but it’s also the only CamelBak water bottle that will maintain the temperature of your beverage.

That’s not all. The Chute MAG stainless steel bottle will keep your drink cool for one full day. Plus, this wonderful bottle will keep your warm drinks hot for over five hours.

How can you beat that? The craziest part is that the Chute MAG stainless steel bottle comes in four different sizes too, which range from 12 ounces to 40 ounces. Another astonishing fact about the Chute MAG is that it’s crafted from impenetrable stainless steel.

Why is this so important? One of the best things about stainless steel is that it’s a nonreactive material, meaning you’ll never have to be concerned about plastic leaching into your water supply again. In addition, the Chute MAG was made with super durable double-walled steel.

For the uninitiated, double-walled steel is a perk because it prevents any condensation from gathering on the exterior of your water bottle. And get this: the fact that the CamelBak Chute MAG is basically spill-proof will give you more peace of mind as well.

Similar to the original Chute MAG, the Chute MAG vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle has a magnetic cap. But did you know that this cap is 100 percent bisphenol A, bisphenol S, and bisphenol F free?

However, the only con about this fabulous bottle is that it’s not exactly dishwasher safe. But if you are hand washing the Chute MAG stainless steel water bottle at one of the best camping spots in Australia, then taking care of it should be stress-free. Sounds good to us!

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CamelBak Water Bottle Similarities

Curious about CamelBak water bottle similarities? You’ve come to the right place. First things first, every single one of the CamelBak water bottles that we’ve mentioned above shares the following characteristics: 

  • Angled spout
  • Comfortable grip
  • Wide mouth opening

Let’s take a second to talk about the angled spout. And if you’re a big CamelBak collector, then you’ll know that the angled spout is way easier to drink out of than a traditional water bottle spout. Besides, the CamelBak Chute water bottle’s angled spout will give you a better water flow without spilling or sloshing onto your shirt.

Plus, each CamelBak Chute water bottle has an ultra-comfortable grip on its handles as well. The coolest part about it is that it can be held and carried with only two fingers, so accidentally letting go of your bottle is a practically non-existent concern.

Besides this advantage, the handle on the CamelBak is pretty wide, which makes attaching your own carabiner to it incredibly simple. Then, attaching your water bottle to your backpack will make your outdoor experience even more relaxing. Talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck!

Lastly, the wide mouth opening is another similarity between all of the CamelBak Chute water bottle options. Admit it: narrow water bottle openings are very frustrating to use, especially since it’s so hard to get any water out of them. Also, cleaning a narrow mouth opening is virtually impossible for most water bottle connoisseurs. 

Good news – once you switch to the CamelBak Chute water bottles, you can take off the whole top cap. When you’re done with that step, then you’ll have a wide mouth opening, which is extra easy to clean. Also, adding fruit or ice cubes to your drink will be a breeze.  

Itching to get on the road again? We can’t emphasize this enough: consider travelling along Australia’s Great Ocean Road!

Shared CamelBak Bottle Features: Original vs the MAG

Searching for more shared CamelBak bottle features? We’re here to help. Because the original CamelBak Chute and the Chute MAG are created from plastic, there are a few characteristics that they have in common that the stainless steel Chute MAG doesn’t have.

For example, the original CamelBak Chute and the Chute MAG are both bisphenol A, bisphenol S, and bisphenol F free. This is one of the nastiest chemicals that can possibly be discovered in plastic water bottles. Plus, these toxins are also linked to health problems that range from breast cancer to hormonal imbalance.

A word of advice: despite the fact that certain producers will claim that their plastic water bottle is bisphenol A free, that doesn’t guarantee that they’re 100 percent safe. If you really want to be smart about your hydration health, then choosing a water bottle that is also bisphenol S and bisphenol F free is a good choice as well. 

Naturally, the stainless steel CamelBak Chute water bottle is entirely free of harmful bisphenol chemicals too. Of course, this is a given, especially since bisphenol chemicals only exist in plastic water bottles. Not to mention that both the original CamelBak Chute and the CamelBak MAG are dishwasher safe.

Since not every plastic bottle is labelled as dishwasher safe, you’re going to want to be a bit more selective when it comes to making your next hydration purchase. Thankfully enough, the original CamelBak Chute and the CamelBak MAG are totally dishwasher safe, which is super convenient.

Plus, throwing the original CamelBak Chute or the CamelBak MAG into the dishwasher is a surefire way to get all of the bacteria out of them again. Just make sure to completely remove the cap from the body of the water bottle before placing it in your dishwasher.

Don’t have a dishwasher nearby? Whether you’re on a hike or on a free camping trip in Australia, handwashing your CamelBak Chute bottle is still a great option!

Our Favourite CamelBak Bottle Picks

Okay, here’s the moment that you’ve all been waiting for: our favourite CamelBak water bottle picks. As we’ve talked about above, there are three different kinds of the CamelBak Chute water bottle, which include the original Chute, the one with a magnetic lid, and the one that’s made out of stainless steel.

That being said, the greatest part about all of these water bottles is that they’re incredibly affordable, particularly for the CamelBak brand. Although it’s hard to choose a fave, we would suggest buying the stainless steel CamelBak Chute water bottle from the latest collection.

If you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, then the stainless steel CamelBak Chute water bottle can double up as your daily thermos. Plus, keeping your drink icy cold for one whole day is amazing as well. 

Secondly, there’s no harm in picking up the CamelBak Chute MAG bottle either, especially if you’re on the search for plastic water bottles that are dishwasher safe. One of the biggest perks is that the magnetic cap is ultra-efficient for those that like to take intense hikes or camping trips.

Due to its leak-proof and improved water flow features, the CamelBak Chute MAG is also a wonderful choice. And with its handy magnetic handle, the cap can easily be stored away when it’s not in use. Plus, the cap can be attached to any Hot Cap or Eddy+ vessels too. 

And if all else fails, the original CamelBak Chute is a fantastic option too. However, it doesn’t have all of the same features as the choices that we mentioned above. But since it has a ton of collegiate design features, this could be the perfect choice for those that want to show off their team colours.

Want to get in on the whole sustainability trend? We highly recommend that you purchase the CamelBak Chute MAG Water Bottle today!

Give the CamelBak Chute Water Bottle a Shot

Thinking about giving the Camelbak Chute water bottle a shot? We’ve got you covered. From the original Chute and the Chute MAG to the stainless steel Chute MAG, our useful guide has everything you need to make the most ideal choice.

The truth is, choosing anything from the new CamelBak Chute collection will be the best companion to take with you on your next outdoor trip.

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