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Best Camping Cots of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Having a great camping cot when you go out on a walking adventure makes a huge difference in how comfortable you are when you stop for the night or when you decide to camp out at night.

How do you know what the best camping cot is when there are so many different options on the market?

Most people cannot try out every single camping cot that there is, but today’s guide will help you decide what to add to your gear setup.

Getting a good night of rest is going to be key to be able to do more with your walking adventure, so take some time today to choose the right camping cot to help you do just that.

Best Camping Cot Reviews

1. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

The first on our list is the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot, an affordable option known for its simple, foldable design that is easy to fit when transporting in your car.

Product Highlights

This folding camping cot from the well-known brand Coleman is a very comfortable camping cot that includes a thick foam mattress to help improve your sleep patterns.

The thin foam mattress included is just an inch or so thick, but it gives just enough support to make the camping cot more comfortable than many others.

The durable frame on the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot can hold up to 275 pounds, and the height allows for someone up to 5’7” to be able to sleep comfortably on the camping cot.

The unfolded measurements for this cot are 69 x 25 x 15 inches.

The Good

This comfortable cot is easy to unfold, set up, and get ready to sleep on every camping night.

While some cots require tools or complicated setup to get comfortable, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot’s folding mechanism is easy to understand and use.

When you simply want to lay down and sleep at the end of a long day, that can be very beneficial.

The Bad

One thing that could be uncomfortable about the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is that the mattress can easily slide around on the cot, which can make getting into and out of bed frustrating at times.

You can very easily fix this, though, by laying a sheet or another piece of non-slip fabric between the frame and the mattress to hold the entire setup in place.


  • Includes mattress for comfort
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Lightweight
  • The mattress can be folded up inside the cot


  • Mattress slides around
  • Not tall enough for some people

2. Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Next up is another affordable camping cot from Coleman. The Coleman Trailhead II Cot has a simple crossbar design that could work well for tall individuals.

Product Highlights

The Coleman Trailhead II Cot is a military-style camping cot that measures in at 73 x 35 x 17 inches when completely unfolded.

The cot can hold up to 300 pounds and is long enough for those up to 6’ 2” to lay down comfortably.

Though the size is perfect for tent camping, it can still easily fit into a car whenever folded up completely.

The Good

Though the Coleman Trailhead II Cot is priced and designed much like most standard camping cots, it is made large enough to accommodate taller users than many other camping cots.

The cot can support heavy weights and tall individuals, so you can lay down comfortably at the end of a long walking day.

Also, with the cross support bars locked in place, the Coleman Trailhead II Cot is very sturdy.

The Bad

Though the crossbars are a big part of what makes this camping cot so sturdy, the last crossbar on this particular cot can be very hard to snap into place.

With a little bit of muscle and a good idea of how to do it, though, most can easily learn how to make sure that everything is locked and ready to go.


  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Folds up to fit easily into a car
  • Includes a bar
  • Supportive and comfortable


  • Limited color selection
  • Requires some muscle to put it together

3. Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table

The Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table is another Coleman camping cot that comes in at a mid-range price but still offers many features.

Will those features stand out to you?

Product Highlights

The Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table can fit those up to 6’ 6” in height, and the support frame can handle up to 300 pounds of weight.

When unfolded, the camping cot measures 80 x 44 x 17 inches, so it is a good bit bigger than some comparable camping cots.

You can fold the Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table easily, and a carry bag is included so that you can simply tuck the cot into the bag when you are carrying it from place to place.

The Good

The dimensions of this particular camping cot are not only great because they accommodate very tall heights, but it is also pretty high off the ground at 17 inches.

Many campers don’t like having to sit so low to the ground to get onto their bet, so having a camping cot that is 17 inches off the ground is an excellent design for those people.

The Bad

Since the Coleman Camping Cot with Side Table weighs in at just over 20 pounds, it will not be ideal for those going backpacking.

However, it is still an excellent choice for anyone walking from a parking lot or trailhead to their campgrounds since it is easy to carry as long as you aren’t going too far.


  • Unique side cup holder
  • Cup holder can switch sides
  • Very wide and long
  • Supportive frame
  • Easy to set up


  • Heavy
  • Does not include a mattress

4. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

Next up is a high-end camping cot; the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot is an incredibly durable and robust camping cot that stands out among many options.

Product Highlights

The TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot is a high-quality, high-end camping cot made to last.

The S-bend legs and overall design can support up to 600 pounds, so it is significantly stronger than many other camping cots.

Additionally, the fabric used on the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot is 600D Oxford canvas; it is very comfortable and durable.

The Good

Many camping cots that are high-end like the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot are very difficult to put together because they prioritize stability over ease of setup, but this camping cot is an exception to that rule.

The final arm that needs to be put into place when setting up is on a pivot, so you can lock it into place with ease.

The Bad

Since this specific camping cot’s height, length, and width, it might not be the right size to use if you sleep in a standard A-style tent.

Ensure that you check the measurements carefully to find out if it will make sense for your tent setup.


  • Substantial width and length
  • Incredibly durable
  • High-quality, rip-resistant fabric
  • Easy to set up


  • Heavy
  • Large

5. REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot

Finally, let’s consider what the mid-range REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot has to offer that the other camping cots did not.

Product Highlights

Weighing in at 17 pounds, the REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot is a heavy-duty and durable camping cot favored by many people.

Unfolded, this camping cot measures 75 x 28 x 15 inches, and you can pack it down to a size of 41 x 9 x 7 inches.

There is no assembly required for the REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot; you simply pull it out of the bag and open it up as you would a camping or folding chair.

With the finishes and overall construction quality, this cot can hold up to around 500 pounds, which is higher than similar camping cots.

The Good

The REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot is one of the easiest to set up because it is designed like a folding chair.

Once you pull the chair out of the bag, you simply have to pull the bed open so that it is ready to go.

The Bad

On the flip side, the hardest thing about this particular camping cot is that it is hard to fold up and put into the included carrying bag because of the style of the legs.

That said, the same legs are what make the REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot very comfortable to use, so you will need to consider what matters most to you.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  • Gradual headrest incline
  • Easy to transport
  • Durable


  • Difficult to put away
  • Noisy at first

Camping Cot Buyer’s Guide

While your camping experience will not be entirely decided by how well you sleep, that will have a significant effect on it.

Getting a bad night’s sleep and then trying to go out walking for hours will leave you feeling downright exhausted, so you should try to avoid that situation.

This camping cot buyer’s guide should help you choose between very similar camping cot options to ensure that you get one that best fits your camping taste and needs.

1. Frame

The frame is the base of the entire camping cot, so quality is one of the most important things you should consider when shopping.

Cheap frames may bend, break, or collapse very easily, and there is no easy way to repair these kinds of issues when they happen.

Frames made from high-quality materials and techniques will have thicker frames and joints properly fastened in place with ease.

These aspects are worth prioritizing and paying more for since they will also tell how long you can use the camping cot.

2. Fabric

When it comes to the fabric used to make a camping cot, you must pay the most attention to the strength and quality of the material used to create the cot.

All cot fabrics should be rated using the Denier system, usually denoted with a D. The higher the fabric’s number, the better the quality and strength.

Look for a cot that has a minimum 600D cot rating if possible, but keep in mind that not all manufacturers will share this information.

You can also consider the fabric treatments; some material has been treated to be resistant to rips, tears, and abrasions that can easily happen while camping.

3. Comfort/Support

If a camping cot doesn’t add any aspect of comfort to your camping setup, there is no reason to lug it along with you when you go camping since camping cots tend to be heavier than their alternatives.

For that reason, you should prioritize the comfort and support that they provide.

Make sure that the cot does not bend or dip too much when laid on.

Additionally, check to ensure that the setup can sustain your weight without any support issues, as having the cot give out completely would be a big waste.

4. Size

How much space do you have in your tent for a camping cot or in your pack if you’ll be carrying it out with you?

Make sure that you have an exact measurement in mind when you go shopping for a camping cot.

Camping cots that are too big will make your tent too crowded, or the cot might not fit at all if you’re not careful.

Make sure you consider the height of the cot, as well as the rest of the size, as the height will affect how close to the roof of the tent you are when you are getting into and out of bed.

5. Weight

Will you carry the cot a long distance in your pack while walking, or will you be unloading your gear from a car relatively near the campsite?

Depending on what type of camping experience you will be going after, you want to make sure that the weight of the camping cot won’t be a deterrent to your overall experience.

Lightweight camping cots are best when you will need to be carrying them, while heavier options should be reserved for when vehicle transport will be the primary means of transportation.

6. Ease of Assembly

All camping cots will need assembly in some way. For some camping cots, this means you just need to unfold the camping cot; for others, you will need some simple tools to put everything together.

It is up to you to determine whether you are ok with something that needs tools to be assembled or not.

Those who will carry the camping cot some distance will likely not want to add another tool to their back, but sometimes the cots you can completely disassemble are easier to carry than those that only fold.

Consider what you would find preferable, and shop primarily for camping cots that fit that criteria.

7. Portability

While weight has already been discussed in this buyer’s guide, there is another aspect of portability that is very important when you are deciding between the top camping cot options.

Even lightweight camping cots can be difficult to transport if they do not easily fold up, disassemble, and go into a bag.

Easy carry camping cots will be simpler to bring along than something that you have to rig onto your bags every time you break down camp.

Keep portability in mind while you shop for the right camping cot for your needs.

Many camping sites near Syndey, for example, don’t require too much walking, so you could get away with many different types of camping cots.

Camping Cot FAQs

1. Is a Camping Cot Worth It?

As with any sleeping arrangement, there are both pros and cons to using a camping cot when you are camping out.

On the plus side, camping cots keep your back from bottoming out since it would on the ground when you are laying down, so they can give you a very comfortable sleeping position that might be hard to find otherwise.

Camping cots are also versatile in their design and durability in their construction.

On the flip side, camping cots often cost more than other sleeping arrangements, and they can be more difficult to transport.

Camping cots are a great choice for those who aren’t going to be burdened by needing to carry them, but they might not be the right choice if you need to go very far with it packed in.

2. Are Cots Comfortable to Sleep On?

Camping cots are relatively comfortable to sleep on, especially for those who find sleeping directly on the ground to be very uncomfortable because of how the ground meets your back.

Like other sleeping arrangements, there are ways to change up a camping cot to make it even more comfortable.

Adding an open-cell pad to your camping cot is an excellent way to add additional comfort.

One thing that you do want to consider is that camping cots might not be as comfortable to sleep on in the winter as they are in the summer.

Since there is air both above and below the camping cot, you might be colder on a camping cot than on an air mattress or similar item.

3. How Do I Make My Cot More Comfortable?

The best way to make your camping cot more comfortable is to add an open-cell pad on top of the camping cot before you lay down.

These pads make it so that you can get a bit more plushness when you lay down.

Additionally, you can add a pillow to your sleeping arrangement so that you have something to support your neck.

The neck is often left unsupported when camping out, so adding a pillow to nearly any sleeping arrangement can have a significant improvement.

Finally, make sure that you choose the right camping cot.

Not all camping cots will be as good as others, but you can ensure that you get a great one if you choose one of the top five that we have covered in our complete comparisons today.

4. Do You Need a Sleeping Pad With a Cot?

While you certainly do not need a sleeping pad when using a cot, many people find that the shape and feel of sleeping on a camping cot without any type of padding are too uncomfortable to get used to.

Sleeping pads even out your sleeping position so that your body can sleep in a more natural and comfortable curve, so they are worth considering.

5. Is a Cot Better Than an Air Mattress?

Cots are better than air mattresses when you want to sleep with better air circulation and have a more durable setup.

Air mattresses can be a better choice when you want a more bed-like experience or something easier to adjust for your specific sleeping comforts.

Ultimately, one of these sleeping arrangements isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Both have their pros and cons, so you will need to determine which matches best with your sleeping style while camping.

You also will want to consider where you are camping. For example, if you are camping in the summer in Bryon Bay, an air mattress might be too warm to really be comfortable, and a camping cot would likely be a better choice.

Final Verdict

Some of the camping cots we reviewed today stand out above others as the best for Australian adventurers who want to improve their gear setup.

The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is a particularly good option for anyone who hasn’t used a camping cot before and wants to give it a try.

This camping cot gives you a great experience without needing to spend a lot of money, so you can find out if you enjoy sleeping on a cot that keeps you off the ground or not.

Another great option is the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot, especially for those who have experience using and carrying camping cots and want to get something durable enough to last through many camping trips.

Ultimately, the final choice about camping cots will be up to you, so keep the buyer’s guide from today’s comparison in mind as you make your final selection between the best camping cots available on the market today.