Best Camping Mattress for Couples of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

If you’re lucky enough to share your passion for exploring nature and all that the outdoors has to offer with your partner, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to go on a camping trip together.

Even if you already have your own gear, it can be nice to get a couple’s set up so that you can make the most of your time together when you’re out exploring.

Couples’ camping mattresses are not as well known as single mattresses, but they are a great choice to add to your camping gear.

The best camping mattress for couples will ensure that you’re both comfortable throughout the night.

Plus, taking just one mattress rather than two can actually be a huge space and weight saver when you are packing up for your next adventure.

Today, we’ll cover five of the top options of 2020, as well as some important information to consider while you’re shopping around.

Finally, we’ll wrap it up by answering some of the most asked questions.

Best Camping Mattress for Couples: A Review

1. Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Airbed

The first couple-friendly mattress that we’re reviewing today is the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Airbed, a mid-range inflatable mattress from a well-known brand.

Product Highlights

Intex is one of the most well-known manufacturers of inflatable mattresses, and this queen-sized mattress is a great couple option for camping situations.

This mattress has an internal electric pump that can inflate the mattress in about 3¼ minutes at full power.

If power is not available, you can also inflate the mattress with a manual pump, but it will take longer to do so.

When fully inflated, the mattress can hold up to 600 pounds of weight without any durability issues.

This air mattress also has a built-in pillow area that can help support your neck, and you can pack the entire mattress in the carry bag.

This queen mattress measures 60” x 80” x 16.5”, so it is a good size to fit in a two- to three-person tent.

The Good

The best thing about this air mattress is that it is made from Intex’s patented Fiber-Tech Interior Construction.

The fibers used for this construction technique are lightweight and high-strength, so the resulting air mattress is a very durable and comfortable setup.

While some air mattresses can feel flimsy or like they will rip easily, this feels very strong and sturdy.

The Bad

One thing that some couples might not like about this is that the edges of this mattress have a very deep curve.

This deep curve makes it easy for the edges to squish down more than the middle when you get into the bed or move around, and that means you might easily disturb each other with your movements in the night.

However, most people find that these rounded edges make the mattress inflate faster and easier to put sheets on as needed.


  • Soft, velvet top
  • Fits into a carry bag easily
  • The electric pump includes deflating function
  • Durable
  • Can be made very firm


  • Deep, curved edges move easily
  • Needs to be inflated a few times to prevent air leak

2. Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Comfort Airbed

Next up is another Intext mattress; the Intex Dura-Beam Series Elevated Comfort Airbed, another queen-sized option from this reliable brand with similar construction.

Product Highlights

Like the Dura-Beam Standard Series mattress reviewed above, this Elevated Series air mattress is made from high-quality fibers that offer the best balance of both comfort and durability.

Measuring 60″ X 80″ X 16″, this air mattress has an internal air pump that you can use to inflate and deflate the mattress easily.

This mattress also comes with a carry bag that makes it very easy to transport.

While it can be inflated with a manual air pump if needed, this will need to be purchased separately should you not be able to use the internal electric pump.

The top and sides of the air mattress have a soft flocking on them to make them very comfortable to use with or without a fitted sheet.

The Good

The internal air pump on this mattress is very powerful, and it makes both inflating and deflating the mattress very simple.

While many air mattresses rely on passive air release to deflate the mattress, this air pump actively removes the air from the mattress as it runs in reverse.

This means that you can break down camp very quickly, and you don’t have to try to coax the air out of the mattress to speed things up.

The Bad

One problem that some campers had with this mattress is that it traps heat.

This can be annoying if you plan to camp somewhere warm, but it is possible to avoid this becoming a big issue by simply ensuring that there is a layer between you and the mattress so that any heat trapped isn’t transferred easily. 

Many campers simply use their sleeping bags on top of the mattress to solve the problem.


  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Durable, Dura-beam fiber construction
  • Good height to get on and off
  • Comfortable
  • Soft flocking 


  • Heats up
  • No pillow top section

3. WEY&FLY SUV Travel Air Mattress

Now, let’s see what the WEY&FLY SUV Travel Air Mattress, a mattress made specifically to fit into an SUV, can do for camping couples.

Product Highlights

The WEY&FLY SUV Travel Air Mattress is an ideal choice for couples who want to go car camping, meaning that you sleep inside of your car rather than in a tent.

You can inflate this air mattress easily and quickly using the included external air pump that you can plug into your cigarette port or another 12V power source.

The mattress measures 76” x 51” when fully inflated, and it can fit two people easily whether you are camping inside a car, tent, or in the great outdoors.

The materials used on this mattress are very thick, durable, and comfortable, so you can rely on being able to use this mattress for a long time.

The Good

What’s great about this mattress is that you can inflate it to different degrees in order to use it in different arrangements.

When fully inflated, it’s great for a two-person car or tent set up, but you can limit the inflation to about 60% if you ever want to get a one-person car set up in place.

The air mattress is also made to easily fold in different ways so that you can create the perfect setup for any situation.

The Bad

This mattress is not as thick as the others that we have reviewed today, and for some people, that will be a big minus.

Since this mattress is thinner, though, it doesn’t take as long to inflate, and you can use it in a car or tent where the ceiling is lower.

Still, some may want something a little thicker and sturdier.


  • Fits most SUVs with ease
  • Four inflatable sections make it more versatile
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • Seam construction issues
  • The external pump may need an additional adapter

4. EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Camping Airbed

The mid-range EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Camping Airbed is a high-quality, fast-inflating air bed mattress made for camping couples.

Product Highlights

You can inflate the EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen bed in as little as 90 seconds, and it stays inflated once you have put the air in.

It measures 80” x 60” x 9” and can easily fit into most camping arrangements made for two to three people.

EnerPlex designed this queen mattress to be inflated with an included, external air pump that easily gets the mattress inflated.

If you do not have a power source available while camping, you can also use a manual pump to set up this queen-sized airbed.

The Good

One big benefit of this particular air mattress is that it is less thick than some other air mattresses, so it can fit well into camping arrangements where the ceiling is lower.

Even though it is only nine inches thick, this still gives enough strength and stability for couples to sleep all night cozily.

The Bad

Since this mattress needs to be inflated with an external pump, some campers found it difficult to get it fully inflated as they needed to juggle the mattress air cap into place quickly.

Once you get some practice, though, this isn’t too difficult.


  • Great size for all tents
  • Works even for low ceilings
  • Simple design
  • Soft, comfortable bed
  • Well-priced


  • Air cap hard to get into place
  • Durability issues

5. Sable Camping Queen Size Air Mattress

Finally, let’s see if the Sable Camping Queen Size Air Mattress can stand out as the best option among these five great mattresses for couples.

Product Highlights

The Sable Camping Air Mattress is a queen-sized inflatable mattress made for camping in a tent, in the open, or even in your car.

The mattress measures 80” x 60” x 8” so it is a great size to fit you and your partner without getting too cramped because of an oversized mattress.

The mattress is made from durable and environmentally friendly PVC, so you do not need to worry about it easily wearing out or breaking while in use.

The Good

The size of this mattress is ideal for those who don’t like having a huge, thick air mattress to deal with.

As comfortable as the stability of a thick mattress can be, they can be quite inconvenient to use.

The smaller eight-inch thickness of this mattress is preferable to some camping couples.

The Bad

This mattress needs to be inflated with an external air pump, which is not included, but the pump can be added on for just a few dollars from the same company.


  • Slim thickness
  • Easy to pack and move
  • Includes patch kit and carry bag
  • Great size
  • Durable design


  • Air pump not included
  • Edges get wobbly very easily

Buyer’s Guide

When you search for recommendations about camping mattresses, many people may focus on reviews of single mattresses since they are more commonly used.

Shopping around for a couple’s mattress means that you need to focus on specific things, and this buyer’s guide will help you to narrow down your choices.

1. Size

The first thing that you will want to consider is the size of the mattress, and you need to consider size in a few different ways.

First, you want to consider size to make sure that the mattress will be wide and long enough to fit you and your partner comfortably while sleeping.

Most camping couples will be satisfied with either a double or a queen-sized bed; there are some king-sized mattresses if you have the space for it.

Next, you’ll want to consider how the width and length of a mattress will fit inside of your tent.

If the width or length is larger than your tent, RV, or whatever structure you will be camping inside, you won’t want to choose that mattress.

After all, a mattress that you can’t use at all is a big waste of money!

Finally, consider the thickness of your mattress choice once inflated fully.

Many air mattresses are one foot or two feet thick when inflated.

If you are camping in a tent with a low ceiling, this may make your overall sleeping quarters very cramped.

Make sure that the mattress you choose fits into the size constraints of your tent without issues.

2. Durability

There is nothing worse than having camping gear that wears out on you during its first use or within just a few short trips.

Mattresses, in particular, need to be built with great durability as they are going to be moved around, pushed on, inflated, deflated, and repacked many times as they are used.

If a mattress is not durable, it could spring a leak, and then you will not be very comfortable.

Make sure to check on how durable a mattress is before purchasing it.

If possible, look for a mattress that can easily be patched should an accident occur; some mattresses even include a small patch kit just in case anything happens while you are using the item.

3. Comfort

Everyone dreams of being able to sleep as comfortably as they do at home when they are on an overnight adventure or camping for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, many people settle for being uncomfortable while they sleep because they do not have a comfortable mattress.

While you might not be able to find something that is just like your bed at home, it is worthwhile to look for a mattress that will help you get a good night’s rest.

4. Portability

Consider how you will be traveling to and from your campsite when you choose your mattress.

Most camping mattresses are easily rolled up and packed once deflated, but some are bigger and heavier than others.

The weight and portability of mattresses vary, so you need to keep this in mind to ensure you can easily transport it to camp.

5. Ease of Assembly

Finally, look at the user’s manual for the mattress, if possible to find out just how it has to be put together and inflated.

Some mattresses have an internal pump that can be plugged into a generator if you’ll be having a powered campsite; these require a minimal amount of assembly.

Other mattresses need to be hooked up to an external air pump.

Some mattresses don’t need to be assembled at all, but you do need to figure out how to hook up a manual air pump and inflate it with efficiency.


1. Do You Need a Mattress on a Camp Stretcher?

When using a camp stretcher, many people choose to add some additional padding for comfort, but adding a mattress is not required.

In fact, many people choose not to use a mattress on their stretcher because it keeps them cooler not to have the added insulation.

However, if you’re going to be camping in the winter, you will definitely want to add some additional insulation to keep you warm.

Camp stretchers can also be quite uncomfortable; adding padding or a mattress can ensure that you will sleep more comfortably.

Since camp stretchers are so easy to assemble and relatively lightweight, it’s better to add padding rather than a large mattress.

2. What Is the Best Thing to Sleep on When Camping?

There is no single right or wrong answer when choosing what to sleep on when camping; every sleeping option has its pros and cons that you can consider when you are deciding what is best for you.

These are just some of the options that you have when camping:

  • Inflatable mattress
  • Camp stretcher
  • Self-inflating mattress
  • Sleeping bags
  • Swags
  • Hammocks
  • Car mattresses

There are even more options that people come up with on their own, but these are the most common types of camping bedding that people use.

3. How Do You Sleep Comfortably in a Tent?

When sleeping in a tent, you want to do all that you can to ensure that you aren’t just sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground.

While there is something quaint about this simple set up, you are not going to sleep as comfortably directly on the ground as you would sleep if you have some type of mattress or pad to give you some padding.

They will make sure that you don’t get cold during the night, as well, so they serve a double purpose.

You can also add some other accessories to your tent set up to make the entire sleeping arrangement easier to deal with, such as choosing a high-quality sleeping bag, bringing a camping pillow, and using earbuds or an eye mask if needed.

Finally, go to the bathroom twice before you head to bed to prevent you from needing to have any midnight trips.

You’ll sleep better if you don’t need a bathroom break in the middle of the night!

4. Are Self-Inflating Mattresses Comfortable?

Self-inflating mattress pads are very comfortable; they are open-cell foam mattresses that can be rolled up completely between uses.

Many of these mattresses are also comfortable to carry since you can roll them up to fit in your pack with ease.

Since they offer insulation as well as padding, most people find them to be very comfortable.

They are a bit heavier than mattress pads, though, so if you don’t want to have to carry them, you might want to stick to a very simple foam pad instead.

5. How Can I Make My Camping Bed More Comfortable?

To make your camping bed more comfortable, you need to think about what it is that is making you uncomfortable while you are sleeping.

Are you getting cold at night? Are your blankets or sleeping bag not soft enough to keep you comfortable?

Is your neck not supported enough by your pillow? Do you need more padding to keep you from feeling like you’re lying directly on the rough ground?

All of these things could be causing you to be uncomfortable while you try to sleep; try to hone in on exactly what it is that is making you uncomfortable.

The most common ways that people can improve their sleeping experience are by adding some padding like a foam pad or a mattress, or by increasing how warm you are by buying a higher-quality sleeping bag to stay cozy inside.

Final Verdict

Have you found the best camping mattress for couples for you?

Every one of these great options has its pros and cons, but you will want to use the buyer’s guide to help you to choose which one that you prefer most.

For us, the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Airbed stands out as the best choice for couples who have space for a full-sized inflatable mattress.

It also provides a very soft sleeping surface with an included pillow section so that you can sleep easy.

If you need something that isn’t quite as tall, the Sable Camping Air Mattress Queen Size is a great thin option that balances size with comfort.

This mattress is very thin and durable, so you can use it in smaller areas without feeling like you are too crowded.

Overall, there are many different options that you can choose to use when going camping with your partner; the key is that you both like it best!