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Best Hiking Pants for Women of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best hiking pants for women are more than just simple fashion; they are an essential part of your wardrobe for when you go on outdoor excursions.

These specialized pants give you the protection, comfort, and weather resistance you need to feel more comfortable and secure while away from home.

Regardless of if you are a hiker, a camper, or someone who loves portaging, these are a few of the best pairs of hiking pants that you can get your hands on.

Best Hiking Pants for Women: A Review

1. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pants

Columbia is a fantastic retailer that sells an exceptional number of pieces of hiking gear for both men and women, their Saturday Trail Pants included.

If you’re searching for pants that have some of the industry’s most innovative technologies as well as optimal comfort for everyday wear, these are the pants to consider.

Available in a multitude of colors, you can easily find the perfect set of pants to add to your wardrobe.

Product Highlights

Most Columbia products are bound to have some type of exclusive technology, and these pants have Omni-Shield Technology.

With this patented shielding, your legs will have up to UPF50 protection while outdoors as well as water and stain repellency.

These features are fantastic to have in hiking pants, as you won’t have to worry about increased exposure to the elements, which can allow you to stay comfortable and dry.

Wearers will also appreciate the number of useful features that are built into the pants for your convenience, starting with the side-zipper security pockets.

You can easily keep your most valuable essentials in these pockets and secure the zipper so they won’t fall out while navigating through rough terrain.

You’ll find that each of the pockets also has mesh pocket bags, so you won’t have to worry about your electronics, such as your smartphone, overheating.

The adjustability of the Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pants also allows you to make a more custom fit for yourself.

The articulated knees and gusset detail hug the essential areas of your body without feeling too tight and overbearing.

You also have the option to adjust the leg hem, as it cinches, depending on the type of shoes or boots you are wearing.

What to Like About It 

When you wear the Saturday Trail Pants for the first time, you’ll appreciate how comfortable the material feels against your skin, which leads us to believe it’s very high quality.

Many women have also found that the mesh lining in the pockets is exceptionally breathable, especially in the summer.

Also, the pants are comfortable to wear, regardless of your body type, as they are flexible enough to allow an ample amount of movement without becoming loose.

What Not to Like About It

There seems to be a little bit of inconsistency with the sizing of these pants since if you were to try them on in the store, they may be larger than what you would order online.

Wearers have also complained that the leg pockets are virtually useless due to their small size, depending on what type of valuables you need to bring with you.

You may also want to note that in the upper thigh area, you are likely to see a lot of material pilling, especially after months of regular wear.


  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Mesh lining is highly breathable
  • Fits all body types


  • Pockets aren’t deep
  • Fabric pills at upper thigh
  • Could have inconsistent sizing

2. Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Outdoor Hiking Pants

It can be relatively easy to find hiking pants made for the spring and summer, but what about outdoor enthusiasts in the winter?

The Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Outdoor Hiking Pants is a fantastic option for women who love spending time outdoors in the colder months, whether it’s for hunting, camping, or even skiing.

These highly fashionable pants look just as great as they feel, which makes them one of the better options for outdoor pants on the market.

Product Highlights

You will immediately be able to tell that the central premise of these pants is to give customers something comfortable but also fashionable during the coldest months of the year.

You’ll appreciate how functional these pants are without being too overbearing for any type of outdoor activity.

With a few crucial features to consider, they could be one of the best options for winter hiking pants.

The two primary materials used to make the pants are nylon and spandex, which are incredibly flexible, allowing you to have the most maneuverability possible.

You’ll also appreciate how the high-quality nylon helps to block wind and prevent water from penetrating through the fabric onto your skin.

Also, there is a thick fleece lining on the interior of the pants to help keep you further insulated while outdoors.

There is a multitude of pockets built into the pants, including two at the front and back for additional storage for valuables.

You will also find that there are knee patches sewn on, which helps to reinforce the knees of the pants so that they last longer with regular wear.

Many wearers also love that the Camii Mia Women’s Windproof Outdoor Hiking Pants is slim fitting, which is far more stylish than other hiking pants.

What to Like About It

It doesn’t matter if you experience dry or wet weather; these outdoor pants are a fantastic solution if you need something that will keep you warm and dry.

Their sleek and stylish design features impressive water resistance, and you’ll also love the feeling of the soft interior lining.

What Not to Like About It

The main issue that women have with these pants is that the sizing runs small, so it’s best if you pay close attention to the sizing chart to find the perfect fit.

Some wearers also noted that the high-waist style was a little uncomfortable, especially if you’re doing an activity where you have to bend over a lot.


  • Soft interior lining
  • Very warm
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Impeccable water resistance


  • Uncomfortable high waist
  • Sizing runs small

3. BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants

As another great pair of outdoor pants that are highly versatile for many activities, the BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants look like a typical pair of ski and snowboarding pants.

They have a ton of fantastic features that are sure to keep you warm and dry, regardless of the time of year, and they have a variety of improvements where other outdoor pants have failed.

Overall, they are a very excellent option for the average outdoor enthusiast.

Product Highlights

These outdoor pants are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which offers an ample amount of free movement for high-impact activities.

You’ll also find that these materials assist with protecting your body from the wind and rain, helping to keep you warm even on the coldest days of winter.

As an added benefit, the high-quality polyester is resistant to pilling and abrasions, so your pants will stay in their best condition for longer.

The overall fit of the BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants is slim, which helps it hug all of your contours for a comfortable yet stylish fit.

There are also adjustable features, such as an adjustable waistband, that allow you to create a more tailored fit for any activity.

A couple of extra features added to the pants include patchwork knees, steric knee darts, and zippered cargo pockets on the thigh.

What to Like About It 

If you are hiking in wet weather, you’ll be glad to know that these pants dry rather quickly, as long as you are not submerged or in the rain for an extended period.

The quality of the material is what you would expect for pants at this price point, giving you optimal flexibility and durability over months of wear.

Also, if you size up, there will be more than enough room for a pair of thermals or a second pair of pants underneath for added protection.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants is not waterproof, so it isn’t the ideal choice if you get caught in the rain while hiking.

You’ll also find that the pants have relatively weak sizing around the thighs, especially for larger people, which can impact the amount of movement you have available.


  • Dry quickly
  • Durable and flexible material
  • Room for thermals


  • Tight around thighs
  • Not waterproof

4. Toomett Women’s Hiking Pants

Ideal for women looking for a more practical style of outdoor pants, the Toomett Women’s Hiking Pants looks phenomenal.

When worn, they appear to be more tactical than fashionable, which will add to the aesthetic of your other hiking gear, meanwhile ensuring you are sufficiently protected.

The pants are made from 100% polyester, which makes them an excellent choice for spring and summer or if you want to layer them with a pair of thermals in the winter.

Product Highlights

Thanks to the polyester, these pants dry rapidly and also have a more comfortable and loose fit compared to the other slim-fitting pants on this list.

You’ll also appreciate their elasticity, allowing you to have free movements and significant movements for activities such as running and climbing.

With the help of their active fit, you’ll like how breathable the material feels and how they can easily be worn casually or for outdoor recreation.

Not only is the polyester used to make these pants quick-drying, but it also offers optimal air permeability and a low level of water absorption.

With that said, they are not waterproof but can help to keep you slightly drier than if you were to go hiking with shorts, for example.

You’ll surely like how they help to block most of the wind on cold and breezy days.

Wearers also have the opportunity to convert the Toomett Women’s Hiking Pants into shorts, depending on whether it’s warm or cold outside.

You’ll find two zippers on either of the legs, allowing you to create inseam shorts that are equally as comfortable.

Also, there are several pockets on the legs for an ample amount of storage.

What to Like About It 

There is a lot of functionality built into these pants, which makes them perfect for several activities, especially since you can easily convert them into shorts if you get too warm.

The high-quality material offers an ample amount of room to move around in, and it also helps to make sizing the pants a little more friendly, as they won’t be too tight if you are unsure of your size.

Also, you’re bound to love the number of pockets on the pants and the fact that they all have zippers for secure storage.

What Not to Like About It

There’s a belt built into the pants that can help you adjust their size, but it’s not the highest quality belt on the market you’ll want to use your own.

Some customers have also noted that the material doesn’t feel expensive, it resembles a windbreaker, and it’s also incredibly noisy when you’re moving around.

They’re not the best option to be worn if you are going on a hike to view wildlife, for example, as they are bound to give your position away.


  • Zippered pockets
  • Plenty of moving room
  • Easily convert to shorts
  • High-quality material


  • Poorly designed built-in belt
  • Feel like a windbreaker
  • Very noisy

5. BALEAF Women’s Hiking Pants

What makes the BALEAF Women’s Hiking Pants unique is that it slightly resembles sweatpants, but is made from the same materials as most other outdoor pants.

With a combination of 88% nylon and 12% spandex, these pants could be one of the more flexible pairs on this list, which is ideal for people who need pants equipped for heavy-duty activities.

There are many exciting features that these pants have to offer, whether for casual or athletic purposes.

Product Highlights

Fortunately, the nylon used to design these pants seems to be the top-selling feature, as it is not only lightweight but also dries incredibly quick.

You’ll also appreciate the breathability of the pants and the fact that they are slightly water-resistant, helping to keep you dry and comfortable.

Compared to some other outdoor pants, these are not lined with fleece, so they are highly recommended for warm weather, though you can layer them with other pants for colder seasons.

With the particular woven pattern of the nylon and spandex, the BALEAF Women’s Hiking Pants also have UPF 50+ to take advantage of, allowing you to protect your legs from harmful UV rays.

Also, there are several pockets equipped with zippers for your convenience and peace of mind.

You’re bound to appreciate the articulated knees as well as the elastic waist with drawstring that allows you to have a better fit.

In terms of adjustability, aside from the waistband with drawstring, you can also customize the cuffs of the pants.

Using the cord lock, you can tighten the bottom around your boots to protect you from weather and pests, or you can wear them freely for sports.

What to Like About It 

The fit of the BALEAF Women’s Hiking Pants is its most notable feature; whether you are a curvy or slim woman, you can have the fit that you’ve always wanted.

The material is also incredibly lightweight and breathable, which makes the pants the perfect partner for warm-weather hikes.

With the addition of the drawstring, you can have a better fit, and there is a multitude of pockets with zippers for plenty of storage.

What Not to Like About It

Although they are in abundance, the zippered pockets are difficult to get open and access when needed.

You must take the length of the pants into account as well as if you choose the incorrect size, the crotch might sit substantially lower than you had anticipated.

For the best possible size, use the sizing chart on the product page to find the ideal fit.


  • Comfortable for curvy women
  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Useful drawstring
  • Have multiple pockets


  • Tough to use zippers
  • Crotch may sit low

Buyer’s Guide

Not all outdoor pants are made the same, especially when it comes to women’s fashion, which is why you have to be alert and aware of what you need in the best pants for any activity.

There are several things that you should expect to have from the highest quality outdoor pants possible, which is where this buyer’s guide comes into play.

We will help you determine what features to keep an eye out for when you start shopping around for your hiking gear.

1. Materials

The first thing to look for is the type of materials used to make the pants, as it can make a huge difference in when you can wear them the most.

The lighter the material, the more breathable they will be, which makes the pants a better option for the summer, whereas dense materials are best for winter and can help to insulate you better from the elements.

If you’re in the market for spring and summer hiking pants, we highly recommend finding a blend of polyester and nylon for optimal breathability.

In terms of winter hiking, you’re going to want to opt for a pair of hiking pants that have a lining on the inside, whether it’s fleece or cotton insulation.

You will also want to make sure the materials on the outside of the pants will help to withstand wind and rain, as we’ll discuss below.

2. Adjustability

Even though you might think you have already chosen the perfect size pants for your body type, that might not be the case upon their arrival.

Manufacturers have different sizing requirements, and even though you might be a size six in one pair of pants, you could be a size five in another.

With that said, you will want to make sure that you have access to adjustable features, such as an adjustable waistband, to create a more custom fit.

Most pants that feature an adjustable waistband will either have a drawstring or a built-in belt that can allow you to loosen or tighten your pants depending on the activity.

You’ll also want to consider whether you can tighten or loosen the bottom of the pants to protect you from weather and bugs.

Typically, adjustable hems will feature a cord lock that you can use to cinch or release the bottom, depending on your footwear.

3. Weather Resistance

When you’re outdoors, you never know what you’re bound to be faced with, and as such, you’ll want to make sure you are shielded from the elements.

Weather resistance is likely one of the essential features in this entire buyer’s guide to consider, as it will determine whether your pants are waterproof, windproof, or if they offer UV protection.

Ideally, you’re going to want pants that are waterproof to prevent you from getting soaked if you get caught in a storm; however, the thicker the material is to stop water penetration, the warmer the pants will be.

Often, you’ll find that outdoor enthusiasts look for water-resistant pants, which dry very quickly and are still lightweight and breathable.

You’ll also want to make sure the materials are heavy enough to protect your legs from the wind and the harmful rays of the sun, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

4. Fit

There are two general fits you’re bound to find with hiking pants, either slim or classic.

Slim fitting pants are going to sit tighter against your skin and offer less room for a second pair of protective pants, such as thermals, for example.

However, they can be the most fashionable and could feel like a second skin if you can find the right sizing for the contours of your body.

Classic fitting pants are often preferred by hikers, especially in the summer, as they are more breathable and allow you to make significant movements with fewer restrictions.

Even in the winter, you have the option of wearing a second pair of pants underneath for added insulation.

5. Pockets

Every hiker needs access to pockets for snacks, your smartphone, or even your car keys.

The majority of hiking pants will have at least four pockets, though you could be fortunate enough to find pairs that also have extra pockets on the legs.

If you know you’re going to need a lot of storage, we recommend opting for a pair of cargo pants compared to slim and sleek hiking pants with minimal room for storage.


1. Can You Wear Leggings Hiking?

Depending on the type of hiking you’re doing, you can undoubtedly wear leggings since they are appropriate for inner-city hikes or low-impact hikes.

On the other hand, if you know that you are going to be traversing through rough terrain or encountering a lot of water, for example, you will want to opt for a higher quality pair of hiking pants.

Although leggings can be quite comfortable, their materials aren’t as resistant to abrasions and weather as specially designed hiking pants.

2. What Pants Should I Wear for Winter Hiking?

When you’re heading outside in the winter, you’re going to want a pair of hiking pants that have enough insulation to keep you warm without overheating.

Another alternative is to find pants that will act as a shell while you layer thermals underneath for a more customized level of warmth.

It’s also important to consider a pair of pants that offer water resistance or waterproofing, especially if you know you’ll be walking through a lot of snow.

3. Should Hiking Pants Be Loose?

The fit of your hiking pants is subjective, as some individuals prefer a tighter fit, while others like their pants to sit loosely.

You may find that a looser fit offers more mobility and a more extensive range of movements than if you have a tight-fitting pair of pants.

If you know you will be making a lot of significant movements, such as climbing, a loose-fitting pair of hiking pants can be preferable.

4. What to Wear Hiking on a Hot Day?

You need to protect your legs from the elements, even if it’s hot outside.

There are many pants designed explicitly for summer hiking, meanwhile covering the entirety of your legs to protect them from the sun and bugs.

If you know you’ll be hiking through rough terrain, you’ll want a lightweight and breathable pair of pants to put to good use.

You might even want to consider a pair of convertible hiking pants that have legs that can be zipped off to create shorts or capris.

5. Do You Really Need Hiking Pants?

Deciding if you really need hiking pants is based on the type of hiking you do.

If you’re deeper into nature, it’s always best to shield your body as much as possible from the elements.

Whereas, if you’re doing an inner-city hike, you might not need a pair of hiking pants, as you can get away with a couple of shorts or leggings.

Our Final Recommendation

Our choice for the best hiking pants for women is the Toomett Women’s Hiking Pants, which feature high-quality materials, optimal breathability, and a rugged aesthetic.

We also love how the pants fit loosely without being too baggy and still offer plenty of room for a second pair of pants, if necessary.

Also, an added benefit is that there are several zippered pockets, which give you an ample amount of storage for your valuables.


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