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Keeping in Touch: The Best Two Way Radios from Arcshell Reviewed

Did you know that walkie-talkies were actually invented during World War II? It gets better: two way radios were manufactured by Motorola and the US Army.

Want to get your hands on the best walkie talkie? If you’re on the search for long range walkie talkies, then we got your back. Stay in touch with the best two way radios from Arcshell!

Arcshell AR-5 Long Range Two Way Radios

If you’re looking for a walkie-talkie ready on a budget, then the Arcshell AR-5 Rechargeable Long Range Two Way Radio is exactly that. Not only is it modestly priced, but it’s also extremely durable.

And did we mention that it comes in a two-pack? For the super low price of just over $25, it doesn’t get any better than that. Plus, the earpieces that come with the Archsehll AR-5 make communicating with your buddies easier than ever before.

Although it doesn’t have a screen as most traditional walkie-talkies do, it’s still just as functional, especially given its unique handset capabilities.

But here’s the thing: one of the main drawbacks of this two-way radio is that there’s no indication of when your battery levels getting low. On top of that, the only warning that the radio will give you is a voice alert to switch out the battery once it’s low. Of course, it’s already too late at that point.

Another issue with the Arcshell AR-5 Long Range Two-Way Radio is that there’s almost zero indication that it’s even powered on. However, for those who are really walkie-talkie masters, the simple sound of static should be enough to give you heads up. Bonus points if you remember to turn it off yourself too, particularly since this radio doesn’t give you that warning either.

On the bright side, the Arcshell AR-5 comes complete with two reliable charging stations. That way, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power when you’re on a camping trip. Pro tip: just make sure that you double-check that the charger light is completely green before you take it off the charger. 

Let’s talk about the earpieces for a moment. Built to last, these have a great sound quality and they’re extra comfortable to wear!

Arcshell AR-6 Long Range Two Way Radios

What’s the real deal about Arcshell AR-6 Long Range Two Way Radios? We’re glad that you asked. Made to fit the size of your palm, the Arcshell AR-6 measures just over four inches, and that’s not including the antenna.

That’s not all. Besides being built for rugged conditions, the Arcshell AR-6 is also resistant to water. Plus, it’s super user-friendly for people of all ages.

It gets better: with the Arcshell AR-6, you have the exact same frequency on over 15 channels straight out of the package. So, don’t be confused by the 16 rotary switches on this durable two-way radio.

As a matter of fact, turning the knob usually allows you to find the channel of your choice with ease. Also, the computerized voice will announce the channels for you as you switch through them until you find the perfect one.

With the frequency range of approximately 5 miles, you’ll hours of fun and enjoying the Arcshell AR-6 Long Range Two Way Radios, including at the following locations:

  • At work
  • Around the house
  • In the kitchen
  • At a professional event
  • In a factory or warehouse
  • At a construction site
  • During a road trip
  • Hunting, fishing, and hiking trips 
  • On a mountain climbing trip

But here’s the catch. Despite all the positives with this amazing product, there are a couple of downsides as well. For example, some users report that the Arcshell AR-6 has a limited operational range, which could be a huge disadvantage if you’re planning on communicating across wide distances.

While it is great for amateurs, more experienced walkie-talkie veterans might not be impressed by the beginner level features on the Arcshell AR-6. However, for just over $45, the price is more than worth it for what you get. How can you beat that?

Arcshell AR-8 Long Range Two Way Radios

Lastly, we’re here to give you the 4-1-1 on the Arcshell AR-8 Long Range Two Way Radio. Can we be totally honest with you? When it comes to the Arcshell AR-8 Long Range Two Way Radios, it’s basically the king of all walkie-talkies.

That being said, you should definitely prepared to pay a steeper price tag for these handy two-way radios. Similar to the other models that we discussed, the Arcshell AR-8 is just as convenient and small.

At more than six inches tall, the Arcshell AR-8 is solidly built, lightweight, and beyond easy to operate all by yourself. Not to mention that it has a belt clip that you can detach as well. Besides these perks, the Arcshell AR-8 comes with an LCD screen, which is great for showing you both the frequency and the channel number.

Need a hand finding the right channel frequency? We’ve got you covered. The best part is that this top-notch walkie-talkie comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger that you can keep at home.

As if that’s not enough, the Arcshell AR-8 has a USB plug-in too. With so many different ways to charge this thing, don’t be surprised if it lasts anywhere between eight and 96 hours on just one charge. However, keep in mind that the battery life of the Arcshell AR-8 depends on how much you use it.

So, how well does the Arcshell AR-8 work in the wilderness? As long as there’re no obstructions in the way, You should be able to communicate well for five miles between walkie-talkies, which is fantastic for:

  • Security teams
  • Maintenance teams
  • Construction teams
  • Fire department employees
  • Warehouse employees
  • Factory employees
  • Kitchen staff employees
  • Hotel employees
  • Retail store employees

Bottom line: at under $60, you won’t regret picking up a four-pack of the Arcshell AR-8!

Which Arcshell is the Best Pick?

Whether you’re planning to hike the Kokoda Trail or climb Mount Everest, you can’t go wrong with bring an Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range radio with you along your journey. Are you asking yourself, which Arcshell is the best pick?

While it’s ultra-hard to choose a favourite one, it really just depends on what you’re looking for a product. But if you’re curious about which ones users picked as the best fit overall, the answer would be the very first walkie talkie radio that we discussed: the Arcshell AR-5.

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to its cheap price point, reliability, and durability, the Arcshell AR-5 takes the cake. With its built-in radio, the Arcshell AR-5’s high-quality sound and crystal clear precision come across clearly in its earbud earpiece.

And with the convenient push the talk button, you’ll be more than able to keep your hands free for whatever your adventure brings you. Another bonus about the Arcshell AR-5 is that the radio goes completely silent when you’re talking in the earpiece, which means that concentrating on the message you’re trying to send should be a breeze.

However, if you’re all about the finer things in life, then there’s no harm in adding the Arcshell AR- 8 Long Range Rechargeable Two-Way Radio to your collection either. The craziest part about this particular model is that the battery can last for up to 96 hours.

Why is this so important? The answer is simple: if you’re part of a security team, a maintenance team, or a construction team, then having a form of communication that’ll last several days on a single charge is the perfect weapon.

In addition, those who enjoy camping, hiking, fishing adventures with their family might want to pick up a four-pack during their trip. Talk about savvy!

Searching for the Best Two Way Radios? 

Searching for the best two way radios? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. From the Arcshell AR-5 and the Arcshell AR-6 to the Arcshell AR-8, our handy guide has everything you need to make the right decision the first time.

Are you sick and tired of looking for the best two way radio for your buck? Look no further because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

While most users fancy the Arcshell AR-5 the best, we highly recommend that you pick up the Arcshell AR-8 if you’re planning a big family trip soon!

In the market for more camping and hiking gear? Don’t hesitate to check out our equipment guides today!