Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot Review

When it comes to walking, everyone seems to wear tennis shoes.

While this can be ideal for running errands and working, you need special shoes and socks when hiking.

Often, people aren’t sure which options are best.

This Timberland Hiking Boots review talks about the manufacturer and features.

We also explain who should use these boots and why.

That way, you have plenty of information to make the best decision.

Timberland Hiking Boots Review

Timberland LLC has been around since 1952 and is a top contender for outdoor wear.

The products are manufactured in the USA, and VF Corporation owns the brand.

It primarily focuses on footwear for the rugged outdoors, but it also sells apparel and accessories, such as sunglasses, watches, clothing, and leather items.

You can find this brand in a variety of retail locations.

Plus, you can shop on the company website and through third-party sellers.

Who Is This Product For?

These hiking boots are designed for men who enjoy hiking in the woods and mountains, but you can also wear them to run errands or for any other reason.

Many people prefer to wear them for style purposes, even if they rarely hike or walk long distances.

Women can wear these boots, as well, since they look unisex.

Still, women should be aware that the sizes are different.

Consider finding out your size in male shoes before ordering.

What’s Included?

When you open your box, you will see one pair of hiking boots.

The laces are included and started for you.

Just lace them up the way you prefer, and slide them on your feet.

Overview of Features

Style may not be a concern for some, but others want the option of wearing their hiking boots to the store or anywhere else.

With these boots, you have that ability.

They come in four colors, including dark brown, brown, wheat, and black.

Though they do have a slight platform, it is only 0.5 inches tall.

These boots also feature a waterproof upper, which is made of leather.

The construction is also designed for waterproofing needs, as they are seam-sealed.

You are going to find that the lace hardware or eyelets are rustproof, as well, which means you can walk through water without worrying about anything falling apart.

Plus, there are two hooks at the very top around the ankle area.

Hook the laces through them, and everything is more secure.

There is also an EVA foot-bed, which features more cushioning properties.

It’s highly durable and resistant to heat and cold, but you may remove it from the boots if you prefer.


  • Waterproof leather
  • Rustproof lace hardware
  • Rugged, yet unisex appearance
  • Rubber soles
  • Ankle boot; added protection


  • Sizing not true; consider a half-size larger
  • Squeaky sole
  • Ankle support possibly too stiff

How to Get the Most out of It

The good news is that once you receive your shoes, all you have to do is lace them up and put them on.

You can wear them immediately.

They might have a slight break-in period where they hurt your feet, and this is normal; just continue wearing them.


After wearing them for hiking, you need to clean them.

Remove any mud or sand with a firm brush.

If you don’t do this, the leather can dry and crack.

Also, the waterproofing film can wear off if they aren’t cleaned.

Sometimes, the mud is very caked on, and you can’t knock it off.

Consider wiping the boots with a damp lint-free cloth to remove any scuffs and stubborn dirt.

You should also take out the insoles.

This is part of the reason why the EVA footbeds are removable.

Of course, they are going to dry faster, but the insole is allowed to recover and decompress after being worn all day.

While the insoles are out of the shoes, consider spraying an odor-eliminating spray inside the boots.

Since these boots are leather, you want to dry them thoroughly.

While you can buy special boot dryers for this purpose, it might not be ideal.

Instead, use a dry, clean cloth and wipe the entire boot.


Have you ever heard of a boot tree?

It is like a shoe stand, but it has long wire poles sticking out of it.

You hang the boots upside down over the short poles.

This helps the boots dry faster, keep their shape, and helps you stay organized.

If you don’t prefer the idea of a boot tree, you should make sure that the boots are cleaned and dried thoroughly before storing them.

Then, set them right-side-up in a closet or another location that is dry and cool.

Do not keep leather boots near a heat source, such as a water heater or radiator.

The heat is going to dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

Also, consider moisturizing the leather periodically.

You can find leather balm at many retailers.

Use it as directed on all leather portions after wearing your boots, as this will keep them soft and pliable so that they don’t dry out and crack.


While we believe that the Timberland Hiking Boots is ideal, we wanted to offer another option to make this Timberland Hiking Boots review as comprehensive as possible.

Donner Mountain Rocky Men’s Hiking Boots

Those who want something light and breathable may prefer the men’s hiking boots from Donner Mountain.

They also feature mid-ankle support and a rubber sole.

The upper is made of leather but includes mesh inserts for more breathability.

Though the manufacturer claims these boots are waterproof, we feel that they are water-resistant.

These boots come in two colors, such as Brown with olive and taupe and dark brown with olive.

ROCKROOSTER Men’s Hiking Boots

Those who want something more high-end and very similar to the Timberland brand might prefer the ROCKROOSTER brand.

The design is almost identical, though the colors are various shades of brown or blue with gray.

The boots also feature a rubber sole and are waterproof and slip-resistant.

Instead of the EVA footbed, they feature patented anti-fatigue and Coolmax technology.

With Coolmax, the fabric dries faster while wicking away foot sweat.


If you hike often, it is essential to have the right footwear.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having wet socks and hurt feet.

Timberland is a well-known brand, and it offers high-quality products that are accessible and affordable for all.