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Keep Your Cool: The Top Carhartt Lunch Coolers Reviewed

Are you ready to go on a hike?

If you do not have all of your hiking gear, your outdoor holiday will prove to be a disaster.

As fuel in the form of food and hydration is the most essential necessity for a trek through nature, let us show you some of the best Carhartt lunch coolers available on the market today. No matter your length of trip and size of budget, Carhartt just may have the right food storage for you.

Why Carhartt Lunch Coolers?

Are you wondering why we’re only focusing on Carhartt products in this post?

The answer is simple: Carhartt makes versatile, practical, and fashionable outdoor gear. Their products are made of premium heavy-duty fabric (primarily polyester), which is reinforced with added touches such as triple-stitched seams.

Carhartt lunch coolers are as fashionable as they are useful. If you want to display a stylish ensemble on your hiking trip in Australia, one of these bags is worth the purchase.

One last added benefit of Carhartt products is their reasonable pricing. Lunch packs in a similar price range from other brands are not a match for Carhartt’s quality.

Without further adieu, let us explore which cooler bag is fitting for you.

Carhartt Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

This basic soft-sided lunch box may be the most convenient way for you to pack food for your outdoor adventure. It’s light weight and small size makes this cooler a portable option.

Store the lunch box in your backpack, for instance. Fill it up with several small sangers and some munchies, and be on your way. Though this is a small lunch cooler, you may be able to fit a bevvy in as well.

the small mesh netting compartment at the top of this lunch box can hold some thin serviettes or a set of utensils.

Meanwhile, the rugged handle on the top of this cooler is sturdy enough for years of use.

This soft-sided cooler is made of durable synthetic fabric with triple-stitching throughout. It also boasts a rainproof exterior and a foam-insulated inside compartment.

This inexpensive lunch cooler option is a modest choice for a hiking day trip. Available in many colors, it can be an accessory that matches with the rest of your gear.

Carhartt Three-pack Beverage Cooler

Are you only interested in a bevvy cooler?

If so, this three-pack beverage cooler from Carhartt may be exactly what you are searching for.

Though this cooler is rather wide, it features a slim profile. Throw it in your large backpack, or carry it over your shoulder using the convenient, adjustable shoulder strap.

Made of heavy-duty polyester, this drink cooler is soft-sided yet rugged. Its insulated interior compartments can fit up to three standard American beverage cans which can stay cool for up to eight hours.

the stylish YKK zippers and the instantly-recognizable Carhartt patch add a fun flair to the otherwise solid black exterior.

Carhartt Hydration Cinch

If you’re only intention is to bring a single bevvy on a short trek this Carhartt hydration cinch is all you need. A simple but practical bottle holder, this cinch clips to your belt or backpack for maximum security.

Though it is reasonably compact, this cinch can accommodate bottles of any shape and size. Your bottle can be secured with a drawcart closure. When you’re not using the cinch, you can simply stow it away, since it is made of fabric.

Speaking of its fabric construction, this cinch is similar to any other Carhartt product of its caliber.

It is made of durable, waterproof polyester that promises to hold up well through your travels.

Carhartt Lunch Tote

If you prefer a roomy tote to standard heavy duty lunch boxes, this Carhartt insulated cooler tote bag. Available in Carhartt’s recognizable shade of brown or in a pleasant wine color, this tote is versatile and stylish. It’s also the best option for female hikers.

This tote features a sizable main compartment that can fit several lunch containers or a six-pack of American standard-size bevvies. A small mesh pocket is just inside the main compartment; it can hold a small bevvy can or slim jar of food. In fact, this compartment is ideal to place an ice pack into. On the outside, you can also enjoy a small snap-closure pocket for utensils and other essentials.

This soft-sided tote can keep your food cool for more than 12 hours. Carry it conveniently on your shoulder or cross-body style, thanks to the sturdy shoulder strap with its generous drop.

Like other Carhartt bags, this tote is rainproof and well-insulated, all while being compact and comfortable to carry.

Carhartt Deluxe Dual-Compartment Lunch Cooler

If you are planning to bring several days worth of food on a longer hiking holiday, this Carhartt Deluxe dual compartment lunch cooler may be the best fit for you.

This cooler is available in classic back or in a cool camouflage shade. It’s rain-proof durable polyester exterior ensures that your food stays safe and cool for the duration of your trip.

The main insulated compartment can hold several beverage cans or water bottles, as well as some containers of food. Put yet another food storage container in the top insulated compartment as well. You can reserve the zippered outer pocket for serviettes and utensils.

Carry this deluxe lunch box in your hand using the sturdy built-in handle, or hang it from your shoulder with the included strap. Featuring YKK zippers and a Carhartt patch, this bag offers both style and comfort.

Carhartt Vertical Lunch Cooler

do you need your lunch cooler to stand up on its own when you put it down during your travels?

If so, perhaps this Carhartt insulated vertical lunch box is exactly what you seek. This unique, tall cooler can come in handy if you need to rest often during your hike, or if it is easy for you to carry bags which are narrower in terms of length. Though this bag is also soft-sided like other Carhartt lunch coolers, it protects your munchies and bevvies in an enhanced manner, as they stand less of a chance of being crushed.

This spacious bag has a main compartment that can fit six 12-inch bottles in the vertical position. Additionally, an outer compartment features enough room for an included water bottle and some utensils.

That’s right; this Carhartt lunch cooler comes with a heavy duty Carhartt bottle. This bottle features a snap-on lid for your convenience.

Water-repellant and sturdy, this bag is constructed of durable polyester with insulated soft walls. It features a long shoulder strap for an effortless carrying experience.

Carhartt Five-gallon Bucket cooler

If you wish to take a bottomless pit of food on your extended hiking trip, no other bag will do as well as this Carhartt five-gallon bucket cooler.

This unique heavy duty five-gallon cooler bag turns your ordinary bucket into the ideal camping or hiking accessory. Stow away up to 24 standard cans. The nine exterior pockets can each hold an open drink as well.

This insulated liner will fit over any five-gallon bucket, giving you access to an innovative portable solution that keeps you and your traveling mates as hydrated and well-fed as possible.

As if the above is not spacious enough, the included utility loops around this cooler bag can hold all of your barbie utensils and other hiking gear, in case you plan to have a picnic on your hike.

Carhartt Cooler Backpack

Is a simple lunch cooler not sufficient for your camping or hiking needs?

Bring this two-in-one lunch cooler backpack from Carhartt on your next outdoor holiday.

This rugged backpack features sturdy cushioned straps that fully adjust to maximize your comfort. It features one insulated compartment for food, and another smaller compartment for extra storage.

This rainproof backpack comes in tasteful black, and it is made of Carhartt’s signature durable polyester fabric.

Carhartt Deluxe Cooler Bag With Beverage Sleeves

When you take a trip outdoors, your most important essential is likely your beverage pack. This Carhartt Deluxe Lunch cooler with detachable beverage sleeves is ideal for stowing more bevvies than you’ll likely need.

The soft-sided cooler is a lot like Carhartt’s other offerings of this caliber. It is made of rainproof polyester, and it is convenient and spacious.

However, this lunch cooler stands out because it has something extra and free of charge to offer: four detachable bevvy sleeves. These sleves are removable, and they are also insulated.

These sleeves are made of the same polyester material that all other CarHart bags are made of, and they canbe removed and rearranged.

In addition to the detachable beverage slieves, this bag features a top access lid which allows you to sip on your bevvy without opening the zipper. An elastic chord to attach your jacket is another user-friendly features.

Ready To Hike?

Now that you have chosen the appropriate lunch bag for your hiking needs, are you ready to embark on your adventure? If not yet, you are welcome to rely on our camping and hiking expertise to ensure that all of your necessities are accounted for.

Rugged lunch coolers are not the only gear we specialize in recommending. Check out our site for more gear guides and camping tips prior to shopping. You can rest assured that your camp trip will be a success with our seasoned guidance.